Wallpaper wall bubble does not appear

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Decorating the house, many small partners to choose their own in order to save labor costs wallpaper paste, which said simply is not simple, that is difficult is difficult. But also they tend to wallpaper paste and paste mobile phone screen protective film from the same situation occurred bubble. Xiao Bian today to share the title under wallpaper paste tips, let you repair the lamp through the toilet Tomboy can be carried forward –
Part 1 wallpaper paste method step

First wallpaper handle polished smooth. Then select the appropriate wallpaper and glue, as required with a good glue, best glue in the press in 5: 1 ratio of flour. Then stirred uniformly. Then brush evenly coated on the wall.

The back of the wallpaper brush wet with water, you can paste up, because the glue Riga flour, it can fill small gaps.

Part 2 wallpaper paste techniques

Some ordinary wallpaper paste home when the direct use of paste, then put a piece of soap in the paste, the paste will not only easy, but for a long time is not easy to fall off, you can also add some salt paste, to prevent corrosion and Health insect.

Processing Method Part 3 wallpaper foaming

Wallpaper bubbling little, if hard to deal with, you can use a syringe to inject a little vesicle glue or paste, then erase it.

If the wallpaper bubbling relatively large, the blade can be used to draw a cross-shaped bubble, the inside air is squeezed out, and then coated with glue or paste gash on the four corners, smooth stick to.

If the wallpaper paste, there was a lot of small bubbles, which generally do not move first, after the wallpaper to be done, the contraction will disappear automatically.

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