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Now commodity markets more and richer, more and more style wallpaper with a wallpaper decor is very simple and very convenient thing, but also more attractive wallpaper, decorative effect is also inferior wall tiles, here we come He said that the top ten brands wallpaper rankings.

Foreign wallpaper top ten brands ranked:
Wallpaper in foreign countries is also more popular products, so foreign development was also very nice wallpaper, wallpaper Ten foreign top five are Rome, Italy wallpaper, Elizabeth wallpaper, wallpaper Milan, Italy, France, Napoleon wallpaper, United Kingdom Victorian wallpaper. These brands are world-renowned wallpaper green wallpaper, at home or not readily available.
Rome, Italy wallpaper ITRUOME — the world’s top brands, known as the world’s most environmental protection wallpaper, Italy first big wallpaper manufacturers ITRUOME wallpaper, and its products are sold in 108 countries. Rome, Italy wallpaper ITRUOME boutique sections like talent, concise and beautiful, the perfect interpretation of European style aesthetic elegance inherent quality. In TRUE decorate the beautiful home, to experience cultural tours Li Yi millennium.

PVC deep embossed wallpaper printing wallpaper living room wallpaper
Elizabeth wallpaper is a long-standing international royal brand, after a hundred years of rapid development, has bred a unique royal wallpaper culture, its brand positioning has also been recognized by the market and peer recognition, to do with the highest visibility, We have ELISHA personality, wallpaper industry, the Royal brand. Elizabeth wallpaper with a high-profile “means to do the world’s luxury brands wallpaper Royal brand;” have ELISHA personality “refers to the brand can carry ELISHA history and culture.

American country Tianyuan Yu orchid imitation embroidery nonwoven wallpaper
Milan, Italy wallpaper home wallpaper, and engineering focused on wallpaper, wall covering R & D, design, production and sales, the total assets of nearly 20 billion yuan, in line with full dedication for the Chinese high-quality wallpaper international product concept. The company has passed the quality, environment, standardization, metrology and social responsibility management system, five certifications. The company specializes in producing “MILAN” brand wallpaper, wall covering, fabric and other products, with import and export operation rights, in their own exports nearly 800 million US dollars, the products are exported to Italy, France, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Turkey Hong Kong more than 60 countries and regions.
Nonwoven wallpaper foaming wallpaper living room wallpaper
Napoleon wallpaper adhere to the premise of environmental protection, depending on the quality of corporate life, the credibility of the first, the customer first, emphasis on modern management tools, quality, and development, advanced technology, qualified products, reasonable prices, to win the majority of consumers praise, known as “China’s most influential brand.” French Napoleon wallpaper is currently the most widely used variety of wallpaper, it has a variety of colors, rich patterns, affordable, dirt, scrub and other major advantages.

European Damascus wallpaper sprinkle gold three-dimensional non-woven wallpaper
Victorian wallpaper brands victoria, high-end products from French designs, manuscripts, using better Europe embossing process, so that product quality perfect embodiment, for us to achieve a fusion of classical and modern art, easily deduce colorful and highly decorative the effect of the new space, the French designer of Paris culture and design elements of Southeast Asian cultural understanding, bring us a rich exotic. Its every product like talent, concise and beautiful, the perfect interpretation of European style aesthetic elegance inherent quality. Victoria decorated with beautiful homes, experience cultural tours Li Yi millennium.

Dandelion pastoral perspective thick non-woven wallpaper 3d wallpaper shop for living room bedroom cozy backdrop
After the top five foreign wallpaper top ten brands are: British Shakespeare wallpaper Paris wallpaper, wallpaper Auchan, France Louvre wallpaper, Bruce wallpaper, wallpaper brand which brand reputation in the country may be smaller, but in the country It is one of the best wallpaper, if you are in a foreign country, must know these wallpaper brands.

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