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Neo-classical style
Classic and modern perfect knot, it stems from classical, whichever is quite similar! Is under the norm of traditional aesthetics, the use of modern materials and technology, to interpret the classic essence of traditional culture, it not only has an elegant, designed Zhuang temperament, and has obvious characteristics of the times! Choose wallpaper elements: elegance, luxury and comfort.
More prominent than simple self, individuality, no conventional spatial structure, bold and distinctive arrangement of strong contrasting colors, and selection with firmness and flexibility to mix and match from the cold in the way sought to balance a surreal, wallpaper Select elements: trendy, fashion, personality.

American country style
American country attaches great importance to the natural life of comfort, fully demonstrating the earthy flavor of the countryside, it abandoned the tedious and luxury. Both classical and elegant neoclassical Complete functionality. American country style furniture, color natural color tone, hue whole room green, earth brown is common, especially in the choice of wall color, natural, nostalgia, exudes a rustic atmosphere of color is typical of American country style , wallpaper and more use of pure pulp texture and different styles in the collection of the outstanding elements of fusion, emphasized the return to nature, whether it is heavy furniture or accessories with vicissitudes, are to demonstrate comfort and freedom of life. Choose wallpaper elements: nature, color, paper.

Mediterranean style
Mediterranean free-spirited nature of love, in a view spacious living environment through the design and visual color. The use of arches, windows, hollow wall to create a sense of penetrating vision, and let space has the effect of extending the Spanish coast blue and white sandy beaches, white villages of Greece, southern Italy sunflower field flowing golden in the sun, southern France lavender violet aroma floated, North Africa and the unique desert rock, all the elements of plastic on the Mediterranean dream. Wallpaper Select Features: lively, romantic, bright colors.

European classical style
Elegant ancient style: organic fiber medieval style, splendid Renaissance, baroque and romantic, feminine Rococo style! Crystal Palace carved lamp its rays exquisite carvings gods, intricate floral shape beautiful, gorgeous wallpaper natural, and both the interpretation of luxury, sophistication! European classical transition without fear of time and space, fascinating. Wallpaper Select Features: exquisite, gorgeous, European-style elements.

new Chinese style
Chinese traditional culture in the current interpretation of the meaning of historical background. The complex and cumbersome decorative concise even more subtle Elegance, hard and straight lines coupled with gentle soft decoration, the classic beauty injection simple and practical modern design. The new Chinese style is not purely a pile of elements, but through understanding of traditional culture, modern and traditional elements junction elements together-he, aesthetic needs of modern people to build rich flavor of traditional things. Choose wallpaper elements: nostalgia, fine, Chinese elements.

Elegant style
There are strong cultural taste of the decor, it breaks the modernist styling forms and decorative techniques, with a focus on linear and color coordination oppose simplistic; emphasis on the pursuit of quality model of harmonious colors, strong color contrast against and heavy metal taste! Elegant doctrine focus on quality, emphasis on comfort, financial classical and modern features. After finishing and polishing of wood, wallpaper network, with splendid warm colors and beautiful fabrics, and delicate black dotted and smooth hardwood floors or tiles knot-he, so the whole atmosphere of life is full of warmth, to highlight the master of the pursuit of quality of life. Select the wallpaper feature, stylish, sophisticated and comfortable.

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