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Family Qiangshi wallpaper fiberglass and poly vinyl wallpaper Bin two categories. The former good texture, like cotton, but the fiber gap easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean, easy stay “sweat” damp, which is waterproof, non-shedding, acoustic, fire-retardant, easy to clean, durable advantages varieties are more abundant, multiple color printing, foaming, such as embossing. Printed plastic wallpaper colorful, full of decorative, plastic foam wallpaper with strong texture and a unique three-dimensional relief effect, embossed wallpaper there Hua Guan satin flash, glitter.

Qiangshi buy wallpaper, you should choose a uniform color, full pattern, avoid paper folding, about color, pollution, paper membrane separation and other defects. These two volumes of the same wallpaper: To buy the same batch of products to prevent chromatic aberration. Also, note that coordination between wallpaper and interior furnishings, colors and styles.

The required amount of wallpaper, ordinary residential needs of each room is about equal to 2.5-3 times the square of the number of rooms. For example, room size is about 12㎡; buy 30-36㎡ wallpaper suffice.

See: a look at whether the presence of the surface of the wallpaper color, wrinkles and bubbles, wallpaper flower case is clear, color uniformity.

Touch: After reading, you can hand touch wallpaper, feeling its texture is good, the paper Bohou are the same.

Wen: This is important, if the wallpaper odor, is likely higher formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile matter content.

Rub: You can cut a wallpaper sample, wipe with a damp paper to see if there decolorization phenomenon.

At the time of purchase wallpaper, wallpaper should pay attention to the different materials, the price is not the same, at the same time, the same material thickness as some wallpaper, environmental protection, dirt sexual difference, the price will vary. In order to choose the more symmetrical wallpaper and value, in that we do not know how to look at the quality of the case, it is better to see the brand, brand good price is high, but the quality is more assured of some. At the same time the new wallpaper price is relatively higher than the older, often more expensive wallpaper his service, etc. Some will be more comprehensive.

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