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If the wallpaper warped edge because of dry, chapped wallpaper how to prevent? If not, use a syringe to inject glue to the edge of the wallpaper cracks, try to re-cement the wallpaper. Wallpaper paste or powder, and put curling at the warped place to heal, with a hair dryer blowing about 10 seconds, and then hand in real until cement, with a hair dryer blowing dry. Repair time to pay attention to ascertain whether the grass-roots level there is a problem, we must extend the patch, the patch scope to cracking place for extending to the vicinity of the center.
To prevent the wallpaper dry, the construction phase is the most important, therefore, to prevent chapped basic moves wallpaper is the wallpaper before the Stones on the water soaked, and then gluing Paving, wallpaper to dry naturally.

Wallpaper dry for many reasons, in addition to the dry climate, as well as with the process of Choudao when sewing, blade repeat, was wallpaper seams; wallpaper soften too long, too much swelling stretch, wallpaper dry after forming contraction joints; when pasting wallpaper scraper excessive force, excessive stretching wallpaper, dry forming contraction joints; sunlight, sweeping winds, causing uneven shrinkage wallpaper, wallpaper local shrinkage cracks are formed; the quality of primary treatment is not good, not good quality wallpaper resistance to crack the case , the deformation cracks, etc. in short, cracked or warped crack when dry wallpaper circumstances often arise.

If there is no crack in the warped wallpaper can try cleaning the bathroom wet towel will soak 10 minutes seams with wallpaper knife tip pick wallpaper, see if you can pick up the seams again.

Cracking joints, should be subsidized in time, can not be left unchecked.

With a damp cloth or dry cloth to wipe dirt place; we can not use some colored wallpaper contamination of raw materials, would be difficult to remove; wipe wallpaper of privacy should begin after some partial avoid corner or door, to avoid adverse reactions caused by damage to wallpaper .

Non-bump wallpaper, weekdays only with a feather duster to clean.

Encounter wet weather, the doors and windows closed as much as possible, to prevent moisture too heavy, so damp wallpaper.

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