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Vertical striped: You can increase the height of a sense of the living room, due to the long strip of tread design would gaze directed upward effect, therefore the height of the room will produce the wrong sentence, is very suitable for use in relatively low living room.

Long pattern: a permanent nature, classical, modernity and tradition various characteristics, etc., is very easy with each other and other patterns, and because there is a long strip pattern design guide will gaze upward effect, so will the room highly delusional, very suitable for use in the lower room.
Large floral pattern: reduced binding sense bedroom, large floral pattern fidelity, rich colors, there is a distance, ready to come out feeling. Pattern for more bland room.
A Small Figure: fine regular pattern of small, adding to the room a sense of order, a regular pattern of wallpaper can provide a small neither exaggeration but not too plain background for the bedroom, you’ll like furniture in front of the background to fully reveal its characteristics . For the first time people use wallpaper, this wallpaper select the most appropriate.


Elegant green, mysterious purple, cheerful yellow, rich and gaudy red, romantic pale, different color for the bedroom can express a different atmosphere, creating a different decorative style, proper use of color, with hues of furniture harmony with will allow wallpaper to fully demonstrate the infinite charm of its color.
Red: stimulates the nervous system and excitement, adrenaline increased secretion and enhance blood circulation. But too much red on contact, will produce anxiety, easy fatigue make it easier to feel fine leather power to do. Therefore, in the bedroom or study should avoid using too much red.

Orange: to produce energy, induce appetite, helps calcium absorption, which will help restore and maintain health, this color is suitable for entertainment room, kitchen, etc..
Yellow: people active thinking, abundant creativity, but could easily lead to the golden decoration emotional instability and arbitrary behavior, activities and bedroom, balcony to avoid the use of golden furniture, furnishings.

Green: beneficial digestion, promote body balance and calming effect on hyperactivity or physical or mental harm beneficial repressed. Natural green of fainting, fatigue and negative emotions have a therapeutic effect.

Blue: to reduce the frequency of the pulse beat, adjust the body balance. Use blue in the bedroom, you can eliminate the tension, helps relieve headache, fever, syncope insomnia.
Purple: motor nerve and cardiac systems have depressing effect, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, promote quiet, inspire love and caring feeling.

Indigo: Adjustable and muscle, reduce or stop bleeding, can affect vision, hearing and smell, can reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain. However, the color is too strong, not very suitable for decoration.

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