Wallpaper paste necessary knowledge

For a lot of decoration is white, both want to use wallpaper to create a warm and beautiful home, afraid not understand the market, when the suckers, then worry about the outcome. In fact, wallpaper paste is not so complicated, on the contrary, wallpaper is easier than other decorative materials operations, the decorative effect is the best value for money. Today, small talk with your wallpaper paste can not be said of the secret interpretation of wallpaper paste necessary knowledge, together with you to create the perfect wallpaper home decorative effect.

First, the wall treatment is the key
Wall belongs to the hidden works, if ignored, will appear wallpaper on the wall after a series of problems, such as mold, hollowing, Alice, etc. Therefore, to deal with the role of the wall wallpaper paste immeasurable, treatment should be done in the wall to the following:
1, good waterproof
Seepage wall is taboo, even residential security is not guaranteed, but also to wallpaper Paving great trouble. Therefore, we must do the wall waterproofing, special emphasis is adjacent bathroom wall due to the particularly heavy moisture, water not only be done, best to do it again.

Wall moisture content must be less than 8%
2, to ensure smooth
Determine whether the formation of the wall of the method is extremely simple, it can be observed with the naked eye, or with incandescent illumination observed in the corner, can also be used long sticks against the wall to see if there is a gap.

Wall Flatness test
3, must be firmly
Only a solid wall, wallpaper durability is guaranteed. If peeling walls, out powder phenomenon, we must pay attention.

Powder out of the wall construction refuse
4, clean, no color
Or dirt on the wall color, may make wallpaper paste after generation through the end of the phenomenon, make wallpaper look dirty. Therefore, there is dirt or color of the wall, be sure to deal with pale walls.

Dirt wall construction refuse
5, moderate acidity
PH value of the wall is the best, if the wall is too alkaline, there will be “burning paper” phenomenon between 7-8, causing serious damage to the wallpaper.

Wall pH detection
Second, it is important to select accessories
Wallpaper materials mainly refers to the base film and wallpaper glue, which Jiali Feng base film and the functional level of edible rice glue most representative, leading the industry trend.
1. Why wallpaper paste to brush the base film
With the development of industry, wallpaper, wallpaper paste brush must base film has become the industry consensus, do not brush basement membrane damage caused it is difficult to predict the. Brush the base film six reasons:
(1) to prevent leakage of the wall moisture, moisture, mildew.
(2) the wall surface alkali substances.
(3) curing the wall to prevent the wallpaper off.
(4) to cover stains and beautify the wall.
(5) protect the wall, to facilitate construction.
(6) water-based materials, safety and environmental protection.
2, How to choose the base film
(1) Standard wall: a smooth, dry, solid, non-polluting characteristics, suitable for use standard base film;
(2) and repeated replacement of breakable wall wallpaper walls: using diamond-type base film, which film thickness, strength, wear, cracking, strong to fight;
(3) is dirty or have the color of the walls: Use-covered basement membrane, reinforced walls and cover pollution and color, form a solid white wall;
Wall (4) soft dusting: Use permeable base film, a permeable layer to the wall putty, putty powder and reinforcement between the walls, as well as putty powder firmness between them;
(5) basic wall: Use anti-James Bond film base, penetrate deep into the wall, the wall is good alkali effect;
(6) Latex face: Use wall base treasure, wall base treasure can penetrate latex paint, putty powder and enhance firmness between the wall and the surface of a solid protective film.

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