Wallpaper paste and odor problems

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User: wallpaper should be noted that there is no particular place?

A: The first sticker consider several aspects:

A wall or a protecting group if the varnish film,

2 wall is smooth and solid,

3 Paper cutting is reasonable?

4 paper material, because the material is not the same, the construction process is not the same,

5 about the construction sequence should be taken into account.

6 wallpaper income side of the place is reasonable.

User: PVC is not a smell, it is not environmentally friendly, but also a long time will be from the skin?

A: Now whether foreign or domestic PVC wallpaper, surfaces are PVC materials we are familiar with, is that we often drink plastic bottle material itself did not taste, but also environmental protection, said the smell is the smell of the ink surface means, are now using water-based ink, non-toxic and harmless, mild flavor means that some of the volatile components of the ink remaining in, safe to use. With respect to the non-woven fabrics and pure paper material, it may be a little taste.

Since the surface is made of PVC material impermeable, moisture can play a role, so only handle part of the adhesive joints, not from the skin, you can basically guarantee 5–10 years, but the Wall base material for high requirements, some of the wall did not grant good will deashing themselves in a humid environment, which is our common peeling phenomenon, with PVC material does not matter much. Wall processing firm, smooth, durable is the key.
User: wallpaper physical and picture color so big?

A: Yes, there is a slight color difference, even if the different production batches of wallpaper there is color, because the camera Moreover, grade, shooting light and shade, different shooting angles for technical reasons, exposure, etc., and each terminal computer display resolution, etc. , there will be the phenomenon of color. After the pictures are taken by professional photographers shooting in a studio using professional equipment complete grasp of the light and angle is very professional, even if there is color, not great, you can rest assured purchase.

User: the difference between the store and the shop is? The advantage is?

A: The high cost of the store, the price of your product, adapt facets, you can shop for the world, operating costs will be lower, so the corresponding prices will be cheaper, but it is not absolute. Store selected products more intuitive, the shop requires a lot of explanation to do with the high-definition picture.

First online shopping has a price advantage, online retailers do not pay labor, storage space costs, store rent, advertising costs, utilities, depreciation of office equipment, various departments and administrative expenses, and so on; for example, buy a book, often on the network you can buy off 3-5, while in the store to give you a 30% off you feel big face; second save time on the network as long as you know how to search to find the right product to buy, the next single most no more than 10 minutes;

The third need is extremely easy to go out, sitting at home with a computer with internet access can be a (sometimes requires a bank card to open online banking, but more support cash on delivery);

Fourth, a very wide range of choice, only you think, no you can not buy. Advantage of the store is that you can own eyes, hand exposure to commodities without regard to the merits of the goods; and does not need to wait for the goods delivered to their homes in time, the online shopping is also 1-7 days delivery.

User: Which season best wallpaper paste: paste After a few days you need not need to close the window?

A: The best not sticker in the summer, so between the wall and the powder easy instant dry paper ductile yet to come, until the tide when wet in case there may be a situation, such as joint cracking, falling paper, etc. but now, the powder are good, it is almost not considered. Especially pure paper wallpaper for PVC and non-woven fabrics, any season can be. We need 2-3 days to close the window and let the paper dry naturally.

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