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Current wallpaper industry market battle intensified, other industry brand also extends to the production and marketing of wallpaper to make the wallpaper market terminal sales Messier. Market penetration wallpaper industry gradually increased over the years, some brands grew wallpaper, wallpaper for the person concerned to make the eight terminal sales trends speculation.
1, grasp the key to the success of the brand wallpaper
Highland was who in the world, controlling a second-tier cities will become the key to the success of the brand. Strong performance in many cities, in order to emphasize the quality of single-store operators as the goal, Plough, brand awareness, reputation continuous improvement. By the super market, north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-tier cities maturity model input, and then entered the first-tier and second tier cities, most likely to succeed. Because the first-tier cities high visibility, easy to form a good second and third tier market radiation sales model mature and able to replicate the success in second-tier cities. In the first-line market and mainstream market has not yet issued a strong voice of the brand will be very difficult, even very likely lose their core competitiveness.

2, wallpaper sales terminals emphasize integration
Terminal sales products will no longer be highlighted, the terminal more emphasis on software installed integrated solution that truly consultative selling, to attract customers in addition to products, wallpaper gradually reflect the brand appeal, shopping guide to explain Wallpaper Product and brand flicker when too much water, the ability to sell the wallpaper looks like a very strong product, but to explain the contents of each store wallpaper store shopping guide can speak of something, the content can be easily replicated copy in the product and the brand itself does not have the advantage of wallpaper when explaining the shopping guide is dull, easily copied, often because a shop a shopping guide leave immediately collapse, in addition to their own shopping guide reason, in addition there is no early warning system up.
Speak product shopping guide already has a very professional knowledge, and how to install the software integration programs to explain to the owners, but rather a lack of capacity, which is a very good breakthrough point, the survey found that more accessible to owners through consultative sales identity, more likely to be persuaded.

3 development, large-scale wallpaper flagship stores, store experience
Large stores become inevitable, today major brands and excellent industry dealers have realized the need and importance of a large store, constantly looking for a suitable location arranged flagship store, super store, museum experience. At the same time, more brands in the store about 100 square meters of wandering, like the development of the brand, as brand potential can not be realized, the idea is to develop small-scale, slow growth.

4, to create an entity model show wallpaper
Hall renovation will gradually transition to WYSIWYG. In the terminal showed Hall renovation that is home to the actual size, the basis for the design model shows that to see every show is actually a model of consumer units to simulate.
In this hall, consumers feel closer to the real overall effect wallpaper. WYSIWYG concept sales by model simulation shows showrooms quickly get the owner’s identity, closer to the real room and saw a model can be directly bought to cover its sales with predictable results.

5, pay attention to after-sales service
Who pay attention to after-sales service, who will be able to get orders. Private industry is the industry custom wallpaper, product characteristics and a large number of human resources involved in the industry decision is a typical characteristic of the service sector. For manufacturers, good products, less problems, better control of product quality and delivery, good service is the dealer, the dealer will be able to do as one service to consumers, sale, sale, sale a full range of building relationships with customers.

6, store management soft power has become a necessary condition for the success of the shop after
Many dealers and manufacturers think wallpaper stores have a strong shopping guide will be able to seize the large number of orders, with the wallpaper brand product homogeneity serious, competitive product itself gradually weakened, often found in the shopping guide to explain the wallpaper product, a Year two years ago to explain the routine now been completely unable to get orders quickly, why? they are thinking, find the reasons, the original is basically identical consumers in other stores have heard, so completely lost hearing the need to go and how to do?
Through overall service upgrade, to create efficient team, to establish their own storefront core competitiveness, the only way to build their own core competitiveness in order to make the store forever young, to achieve sustainable development. Through incentives to improve the combat effectiveness of the team, through meetings with Information sharing accurate, timely communication, enhance the overall quality of the store through training, then get the common progress of the company and employees, is currently in the wallpaper industry soft power to shape substantially lacking, a lot of Monopoly shop emphasis on hard power has been unhelpful in the shape of soft power in the next period of time, building a complete brand wallpaper will put a lot of effort to improve the overall competitiveness of dealers and stores, the first to establish a dealer training system, thereby enhance the overall quality distributors, to keep pace with the brand.

7, pay attention to a single brand wallpaper store profitability
Wallpaper brands during the national market will pay attention to the speed of the investment process into a single shop attention to profitability. Today wallpaper single-store business capacity are less than ideal, so a number of industry-recognized paper tiger, looks very strong, but in reality the difference between single-store profitability, the national market mess, no key markets, market structure that break a strike. Part of a strong regional brand will gradually decline, and some will continue at a strong market leader. Since the foundation is solid, and will continue to establish itself in the market advantages of core competence, such wallpaper brands are successful models for a single shop requires high investment slow, but better able to grasp every new store, one after the mode input, numerous markets into the local area will be able to enter the local sales of the top half, it showed a strong development potential.

8, to advance cross brand wallpaper industry
More home building materials related industries will be a strong brand to enter the Multi wallpaper industry, the brand once mastered industry characteristics, the home building industry mature training, brands, services and efficient management system grafted into the wallpaper, it will play out in the future for a long period of time a powerful force, a force is a force to be ignored.

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