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Wallpaper styles and colors are more contrast, you can take the Heart selection plea, the wallpaper in the decoration of the use of mutatis mutandis more, decoration company in the decoration wallpaper midnight, wallpaper always present some problems, Xiao Bian today snare We summarize some of the common problems and disposal methods to share with you.

A common problem, wallpaper curling:
Crimping is the most common wallpaper decoration wallpaper a doubt, this issue may be rendered construction workers in the construction division, construction techniques do not, there may be the wallpaper before the Stones were not ready to work.
Treatment: In curling wallpaper wallpaper powder posted a smear, then crimp the wallpaper smooth, hair dryer blowing and then about 10 seconds later wallpaper hand-raised by local real, know prison wallpaper paste the prison, eventually you blow with a hair dryer can be monotonous.

FAQ Second, the wallpaper bubble:
Some owners will find that after this people’s paving wallpaper, the walls will be some local bubbles rise, showing such a situation might be construction workers in the construction division of the effect, and no fire carefully Stones, and had finished after I did not check, but not a big problem.
Approach: with a needle to puncture the bubble on the wallpaper, bubbles in the gas is released, so the bubble will not rise came after the gas release, using a needle to extract the appropriate adhesive, from just pierced the eye was written, and then catch the flat scraper compaction, bubbles doubt it easily disposed of, let’s say the wallpaper is a large area of ​​the bubble, the initiative is still torn from the ground paving.

FAQ Third, there are stains on the wallpaper:
Maybe in life one is not careful it will be drinks, juice or beer like scattering to the wallpaper above, stained stains on the wallpaper, how to eradicate it, mutatis mutandis, is good?
Approach: liquid substances like spilled drinks on the wallpaper, their attack will be very simple chemical reaction, cleaning methods can use a sprayer to spray stain cleaner, with a rag kept circling conflict, the stain will gradually see .

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