Wallpaper Decoration Common Sense Beginners


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As people increasingly high demand for the decoration, wallpaper also in people’s lives more and more widespread use, then you know how to make good use of your home wallpaper home icing on the cake it? Today small teach you home with wallpaper, wallpaper teach you easily get mix of skills.

1, how to make the auditorium looks better Ends: with large patterns or bright colors bright wallpaper.
2, how to show it the theme of the room: with a story or theme wallpaper to show, for example, playing cards, chess and other patterns of wallpaper paste in the recreation room.
3, how to make the room look bigger number: wallpaper with white; the selection of cool such as green, blue, purple wallpaper; flowers, small or large grid pattern but there are many white flower pattern.
4, how to make ceilings look higher: with stripes, or one that is designed to support up there; ceiling wallpaper pale bottom; with flowers and there is a “V” or “U” shaped green leaf foil, giving up undertaken feel.
5, how to match the furniture and other decorations: wallpaper with a pattern or shape to match the room decorations.
6, how to lower the ceiling: Wallpaper paste continuously to the ceiling, with dark or bright colors for the bottom of the wallpaper; use horizontal stripes will have the effect of wallpaper; wallpaper paste at 30cm from the ceiling, in the ceiling above the paste belt, so that the ceiling has fallen to feel; with a belt so that the visual feel there is segmented.
7, how to make the room look smaller: with black wallpaper; with warm colors such as red, yellow, orange wallpaper; large flowers and dark ground.
8, how to make segmented wall overall sense: with a small pattern or no pattern wallpaper;
9, how to create a formal and elegant atmosphere: belonging “traditional official” class wallpaper; red and lavender. 10, how to hide unsightly buildings or objects: with no pattern, no wallpaper or aligned fiber products; green, gray and brown can help cover up unsightly objects.
11, how to generate the overall sense of adjoining rooms: with a costume or harmonic nature wallpaper, almost all patterns, the pattern has the type of costume, but also together with the belt. More and more in this new family.
12, how to make the room look more wide: the effect of stripes with stripes or wallpaper; wallpaper paste with dark narrow side, with light-colored stickers in a wide side can get better results; different shades of fiber fabrics also have the same effect.

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