Wallpaper decision decoration style

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Wallpaper is wallpaper, wall coverings are used, the area is relatively large, so a family decoration style is also plays a decisive role in doubt. So today renovated network Xiaobian to summarize what wallpaper decide what decoration style.

Wallpaper now everyone is certainly no stranger to it, because the wallpaper for many people it is indispensable home improvement materials, many-color style wallpaper decoration style households also have a decisive role. The following small series to a talk about what we can decide what decoration style wallpaper.

First we have to clear, colorful wallpaper is not very complicated, but also fresh and elegant wallpaper. Compared to the complex, the simple elegance would be more engaging and not easily outdated.

Different countries have different styles of wallpaper: wallpaper Korea generally more suitable for modern style, simple style; the United States and Canada for an American style wallpaper, country style; Japan wallpaper for sweet and warm style, we see the drama of the time should be feeling ; Italy, Belgium wallpaper color for home, elegant decor and so on.

Many solid color wallpaper, stickers and paint the same effect, and some pure ribbon fabric wallpaper with flowers like putty before painting roller treated effect.

Wallpaper and even white, so everyone in the decoration of the house the roof when you can have a smooth white paste wallpaper, so the roof can easily scrub it. We will facilitate a lot Oh!

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