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Foaming is another common wallpaper But the main problem is the wallpaper paste wallpaper glue uneven surface resulting in the late contraction force with the primary separation of water too much, some of the built-in bubble thus arise. In fact, the solution is simple, just get regular needle piercing the bubble wallpaper surface, the gas is released, and then extracting the needle just the right amount of adhesive injection pinhole, and finally re-flatten the wallpaper, dried can.
Moldy wallpaper generally occurs during the rainy season and humid weather, mainly high wall of water. The situation is not too serious for the moldy wallpaper solution is as follows: Apply a proper amount of water with a white towel to wipe, or else it with soapy water. The best solution would be to buy a special wallpaper shop in addition to mold agent.
Wallpaper Alice may be the primary treatment is not clean, or wallpaper adhesive bonding is too low sun angle package edge is less than 2mm and other reasons, the solution: use wallpaper paste powder.
Wallpaper intolerance bump blunt object, if found damaged at the surface of the small, usable approximate color paint pigment or remedy.
There blot seams
When wallpaper paste, glue is not completely driven out, accumulate in the joints, a long time wallpaper glue and react. Solution: a small bottle of water 60-80 degrees, plus a bottle of white vinegar, Once cooled down, rinse at the seams. (Recommendation partial test), the wallpaper in the last 1-2 months, the effect will be better, you can get rid of 80% of the marks.

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