Wallpaper color choices

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Cozy and stylish wallpaper decoration style landscaping has become the crowning touch, but there are many friends do not know how clever mix of colors wallpaper. Different spaces need to use different colors, some time before people get in a good mood, so choose the right home improvement wallpaper color is very important.

Different regions, different color selection wallpaper

Study: yellow lazy people

Because often act as the role of the yellow warning color. If the study using the yellow color shots, it will bring greater visual stimulation, likely to cause visual fatigue. In addition, yellow with gentle features, with concentration, static gas effect, but if prolonged exposure will make people become lazy. It recommends that the study is best to use a light blue or beige. This natural, fresh color, not easy to feel sleepy, and mild, without excessive visual stimulation.


Black and white geometric fatigue

If the main colors of the interior in black and white geometric use, some can not help too fancy. Long lived in this environment, people feel dazzling, easy to produce a sense of tension and irritability. But this does not mean that black and white can not be used, as long as the ratio between the two can be a good distribution. Preferably white color, black is a partial decoration, such as black geometry, ink, etc., to make the space seem bright and spacious, and full of fun.


Blue affect appetite

Blue is a cold color, easy to engender a sense of intimacy. The restaurant is an enjoyable place to eat, eat will affect the use of a blue mood and atmosphere to some extent. Dining room and kitchen wallpaper selection, the best orange in color. This can not only enhance the warm atmosphere, will make the food look fresh and attractive.


Purple strong sense of oppression

Purple really bring quiet, romantic feeling, but if a large area of ​​the bedroom painted purple, will make the entire space becomes deeper, the light dimmed, inevitably depressing, affect people’s mood. In addition, the thick pink and red are the main colors should not be used as bedrooms. Because this color will make people in the excited state, long live people feel irritable and emotional instability condition occurs. If the couple has walls painted red, white decor may wish to use to decorate, to soothe red visual impact. Bedroom color is best in warm colors, bright colors dominated, light blue, light yellow is a good choice.

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