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Why buy

1, wall covering in decoration materials, which are the most environmentally friendly material variety, not only in the use of harmless, but also from raw materials to finished production process, the environment does not produce pollution. Wall covering adhesive is also very environmentally friendly, with food made of starch.

2, style color variety, no matter what your style decoration; use in what place, have matching styles.

3, the price to meet the needs of different levels. 10 yuan ——– 1,000 yuan / square meter as you choose.

4, easy to use, durable, washable erasable, easy to replace. Normal use for 10 years with no problems. Slight stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth, such as (severe smoke, color, food residue, pen graffiti) with a cloth or toothbrush dipped household cleaners can be wiped off.

How to choose
See: a look at whether the presence of wall covering surface color, wrinkles and bubbles, wall covering flower case is clear, color uniformity.
Touch: After reading, you can hand touch wall coverings, feeling its texture is good, the paper Bohou are the same.
Wen: This is important, if Qiangbu smell, is likely to be higher formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile matter content.
Rub: You can cut a wall covering sample, wipe with a damp paper to see if there decolorization phenomenon.

How to buy
1, first determine the overall cost of your renovation and interior decoration and overall style of the decoration of the host material.

2, targeting their budget, we need to pick a wall covering material, the thickness of the fabric wall covering their costs are directly related. Suitable for thick wall covering, the better, but even thin wall covering anti-pull very high degree.

3, to determine the style is very important in the choice of color varieties among the first to follow the matching style. The second should be suitable places to use. {Such as children’s room has a special version of the wall covering works public places, restaurants are designed specifically for the restaurant wall covering}. Third, it must comply with their own aesthetic ideas and color combinations. Preferably made of your request and then by selecting the appropriate decoration designers several varieties for you, you then select from. This avoids unnecessary trouble.

4, wall coverings on the market price be classified into non-woven (paper) 30-, printing 25-50, 35-100 jacquard, jacquard embroidered face (false embroidery) 90-180, embroidery 150-1000 several price interval great.

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