Wall Covering Maintenance

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1, the beginning of construction in fact related to the maintenance of the problem, because the future is not completely attached wall covering ventilation, dry naturally need, at this time if ventilation may cause cracking joints, Alice and other issues.

2, after the shop had finished wood floors and furniture into when the need to be careful not to allow the construction or installation personnel touch bad, because the latter part of maintenance, then even fingernail will have a little color, but also touch the rotten harder than others service.

3, to extend the life is usual habits, be careful not to graffiti in the above, can not directly collide with the rigid wall covering article [1], if found leaking cargo damp walls should be treated wall or well water.

Clean wall covering

There are usually only part of dust with a wet towel to wipe clean. Towels should be promptly cleaned of stains, some usable detergent behind properly cleaned, the effect is particularly good. But it must be promptly removed, do not delay. Be careful not to damage the wall covering seams wiping it, the best is to do it yourself, do not do to the nanny and hourly workers, in order to avoid the occurrence of strong rub rub hard on the wall covering losses.

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