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Multi-function wall covering acupuncture cotton composite nano functional additives treated fabric wall covering constitution.

Acupuncture is a nano-cotton soaked fully functional additives made of high quality cotton, stirred, and then after drying, drying, opening, carding, and other procedures, polymeric flame retardant, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, anti – oil, water, mold, anti-pollution, anti-static, and many other functions, final processing by the needling machine to have fastness, smooth, cotton fibers are entangled into a cloth-like multi-function wall covering special back-based materials. The acupuncture cotton nano functional additives through the same process of composite fabric, it is made of a multi-function wall covering.

Multi-function wall covering with a fire-retardant insulation, thermal insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, antibacterial, antifungal, waterproof, anti-oil pollution, dust-proof, anti-static, and other functions.

Afraid of a fire
Using all kinds of pure cotton cloth acupuncture combined nano materials treated with nanotechnology, but resistance has the effect, reaching the highest standards of international and domestic textile flame retardant. SGS test by the International A-level indicators, the standard test spinning achieve B1 level indicators, the National Fire Protection Building Materials Quality Supervision and Testing Center certification and confirm. The product with a lighter to burn, only to see smoke without creating indexes fire, flame, yield smoke, odor and other public places have reached the flame retardant products and components of the combustion performance requirements.

Acoustic insulation
Pure cloth texture irregularities, coupled with soft tissue thickness plays a sound-absorbing effect, noise, sound-proofed. After a busy day, very eager to quiet. Professional sound-absorbing panels equivalent effect multifunction wall coverings, soft pack, sound-absorbing insulation effect is significant, multi-function wall covering for you to create a quiet and comfortable living environment.

Low-carbon energy
Multi-function wall covering the use of all kinds of pure cotton cloth combined with acupuncture, nanomaterials will be treated with nanotechnology, with cool energy savings. Building materials industry by the National House Building Materials Quality Supervision, Inspection and Certification Center and the existing wallpaper and wall coverings contrast detection 22 hours indoor temperature difference of nearly 20 ℃. Insulation effectiveness of your air conditioning and refrigeration and heating savings of more than 50%.

Health has become the first choice for people today decoration of the cloth as a multifunctional wall coverings, soft surface of the package, environmental protection is not a problem, because it is used as a Stocks cloth, clothing materials; traditional materials, scientific and technological innovation, combined with food grade nano and nano-green wall covering special adhesive glue, to ensure that the raw materials green. As long as the wall clean and smooth, without sanding, cement walls can also be pasted directly. Saving wall treatment cost 20 to 30 yuan per square meter, but also to prevent pollution before construction, a green construction. Only raw materials and construction methods are environmentally friendly products, is truly environmentally friendly products can be called responsible for the user’s health products.

Seamless durable
Multi-function wall covering the use of various types of cloth pure surface as the main material, having a tensile strength is good, strong and durable. Wear by the National Textile Academy of Sciences detected more than 10,000 times, not Alice, no cracks, impact-resistant, do not fade, mildew and long service life. Set 2.8 meters high, basically meet the requirements of most-story bedroom, the width (length) according to customer’s perimeter wall quantitative cut, after construction without seams, the walls not only embodies the feel of neat, flat and smooth, seamless artistic effect, but also to avoid cracking at the seams, causing short life defects.

Forever Clean
Multi-function wall covering the use of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, surface made waterproof, anti-oil pollution, dust-proof, anti-static treatment, water or soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil fell Oil will form a small water polo, as long as detergent to wipe the stain is very easy to manage. Multifunctional wall coverings, curtains and soft bags do not always stick to your use of dust-free cleaning, maintenance-free, maintenance-free, free cleaning, used often new.

You can kiss
Multi-function wall covering surface using woven materials, nano-technology process always has antibacterial antifungal functions, better air permeability, higher moisture resistant, wall covering is really breathing. If the wall humidity, can be discharged through the tiny hole walls damp, moldy wall covering to prevent loss.
By the International SGS test antibacterial sterilization rate of 99.9%, to reach a mildew index. And confirmed by the Ministry of Health Industry and Enterprise Management Association of antibacterial industry branch. Have it, your home will always remain true sense of well-being.

Softness protection
Advanced design, soft cotton, comfort apart can effectively reduce the damage caused by inadvertent bump, in particular, can effectively protect the walls and the sun angle, which is equivalent to the wall put on a cotton jacket.

You can choose any of your suitable varieties, and fully display wall and window decorations personality and style.

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