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(1) Primary treatment: primary treatment is the key to directly affect the decorative effect of the wall, should do a good job handling. A variety of wall general requirement is: smooth, clean, dry, uniform color, there should be no gap, punch inequality defects.

1. First, the old walls of the original wall plaster layer hollowing, shedding, and other holes with mortar repair shop, remove loose paint or floating slurry wall surface and sand, projections, etc., and the seams, cracks, dimples and other oily glue subdivision 1 to 2 times a repair shop filled and then filled again putty with sandpaper.

2. Basic requirements for wooden patchwork tight, the needle is not exposed. Seams, pinholes apply putty paved and full gluing greasy son again, and then polished with sandpaper
(2) Brushing primary treatment materials: primary treatment and after drying, the surface is full Xu primary treatment material again, thin and uniform requirements, reduce inequality caused by paper from plastic phenomenon.
(3) draw a vertical line the walls: wallpaper paste lines, the web must be vertical, to make patterns, designs, vertical and horizontal coherence.
1. construction, after the grassroots paint coating has dried, draw a vertical line as a standard.
2. Take line position from the female angle from the wall, wallpaper 1 ~ 2cm less than appropriate.
3. wall paper should always proofread, adjustment, ensure that the web vertical.

Optional Points
First, we need to know the practical and aesthetic roots of non-woven wallpaper, it is necessary to know the material. The non-woven wallpaper, using pure natural plant fiber made, so it is natural and essential characteristics of environmental protection. Consumers natural, environmentally friendly products is very sensitive, and non-woven wallpaper also happens to have a direct impact on these two points whether consumers physical and mental health of an important part, so this is why prices are high there are still many non-woven wallpaper people buy the most important reason.

Second, due to the non-woven wallpaper wallpaper are processed with plant fiber, so its air permeability is very good, it is called the “breath of wallpaper.” Interior natural plant fibers have many small breathable pores, and the pores of pure plant fiber that comes out of the atmosphere, is the most natural and fresh, so that consumers feel is installed after the non-woven wallpaper living room become more fresh, brighter reasons. For other types of wallpaper, many are not breathable this feature.

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