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Wallpaper, also called wallpaper, or English as Wall paper Wallpaper, it is an application of a wide range of interior decoration materials. Because wallpaper with a variety of colors, rich patterns, luxurious, convenient and safe, environmental protection, construction, affordable, and many other interior decorative materials can not match the characteristics of more and more people’s favorite. But many market category, in the purchase often feel I do not know how to choose. Well, now let Xiaobian to tell you a few tips wallpaper to buy it.
Wallpaper providers is not compromised top-secret tips to buy

1, see to judge the quality of packaging

Need to see the details of the entire selection of wallpaper wallpaper, wallpaper quality is generally good, the packaging, the mark will be done very carefully, never give defective opportunities arise. And generally focus on quality companies will be adhering to the “simple simple” concept, they make their own packaging looks very simple, but without losing the atmosphere.

2, the pattern is clear to see

In addition to selecting wallpaper selected their favorite designs, quality must also be considered. Overall, the pattern of higher resolution, the better the quality of the wallpaper. General color uniformity, no color pattern belongs to top grade; leakage or uneven color and white blur was also defective.

Wallpaper providers is not compromised top-secret tips to buy

3, test color fastness wallpaper

After reading clear pattern is not clear, look at the color durability. Scrub with a wet paper towel wallpaper, if the color does not come off then this wallpaper is the top grade. When choosing a three-dimensional texture and light-colored wallpaper, which is particularly important. Because color fastness wallpapers, easy to clean, but also to maintain long-term wallpaper color itself, is not easy to yellow.

4, the touch judge thick degree

Some people say that is good or bad depends on the thickness of the wallpaper, it is not. The main quality wallpaper and paper, technology, tolerance related. Select the wallpaper should be carefully touch feeling, domestic wallpaper are generally soft and strong resistance to this is the top grade; and because of foreign imports wallpapers density, relative to domestic wallpaper in some of it firmer.

Wallpaper providers is not compromised top-secret tips to buy

5, detection of wear

Abrasion strength can be capable of reacting directly out of the wallpaper is good or bad. High quality wallpaper can be a simple scrub and there is no impact on the overall post-scrub, the other hand, some low-quality wallpaper, a little scrub will appear broken or water damage. Therefore, the choice to use a pencil on the selected wallpaper look, and then the eraser out, leaving no traces after wiping the top grade, leaving traces as defective.

6, testing water resistance

If the wallpaper is not good water resistance, not only the wallpaper itself will be affected, but also to make fraudulent claims moldy wall. Therefore, the choice takes on the selected wallpaper dropping a drop of water, wait 2 to 3 minutes, if the water does not soak, then this section is the top grade wallpaper waterproof performance is good, otherwise defective.

Wallpaper providers is not compromised top-secret tips to buy

7, see the environmental index

Is environmentally friendly and our health is very relevant in the choice of wallpaper can look at the wallpaper without odor, the best you can spot a small incinerator, environmental protection high index wallpaper combustion, and no pungent smell and smoke.

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