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Today, more and more wealthy home environment theme, a few walls or even just a wall using wallpaper brings texture and texture, coupled with appropriate furniture and accessories, you can create your own favorite atmosphere when purchasing wallpaper factors to consider more, either according to the decor to choose, can also be considered depending on the material characteristics of the room size, function, or toward, etc., but when in use must pay attention to coordination, especially in the color and pattern of the selection and matching need to follow certain principles:

1, either select the wallpaper or wall covering, should consider three main aspects: flame, color, ease of cleanup. Wallpaper and wall covering in recent years, adding a few quality fireproof material, as well as adding a pest control, mold, sound-absorbing material, which For consumers want to improve the grade of the home is undoubtedly very important.
2, the wall is to use the living room decoration materials largest space, so the wallpaper color, pattern selection is the main direction. Blending colors, to convey the overall aesthetic, and contrast with the bright, lively space will change.
3, whether it is good to clean up, is another point to consider when selecting wallpaper. Wallpaper easy to clean features, including anti-dust and waterproof. Such as whether directly can be wiped with a wet cloth wallpaper surface stains, the user is more concerned about.
4. Select the wallpaper, have to look whether the “interior decoration materials harmful substances wallpaper” standard, the best choice for natural fiber wallpaper or all paper wallpaper; should also consider the environmental performance of wallpaper adhesive, choose a reputable guarantee brand adhesive, preferably water-based; and before pasting wallpaper, the paint should be applied in line with environmental standards.
5, what wallpaper was green? Environmental protection is a prerequisite choose wallpaper. Wallpaper is divided into a variety of materials, decoration in the home as much as possible not to use PVC synthesis wallpaper, because in comparison to natural materials wallpaper wood pulp, wood fiber wallpaper, wallpaper for natural fabrics, PVC synthesis wallpaper environmental performance should be some difference, especially those smells plastic taste wallpaper. Further, air permeability PVC synthesis wallpaper poor, vulnerable after pasting wall while Alice and yellow.
6, where appropriate wallpaper? Wallpaper suitable for use in the bedroom or living room walls, but should not be selected on the roof, the roof is not easy because the pavement, while the patterns and colors are likely caused by repressed emotions. Roof choose white matte paint, brushing effect is more ideal, but also easy to save.
7, how to match the overall style of the room? When choosing wallpaper from the overall consideration, perhaps you would like a section of wallpaper patterns, colors, but when it rolled out a large area, the effect is not necessarily good, or again, and the room, the overall style of furniture is inconsistent. So the choice of wallpaper from the overall start, make sure you like the style, and then from the wallpaper color, pattern, characteristics, do vary, vary by room, the general should be used in different rooms of different colors and wallpaper color. Best to prepare some wallpaper color card selection, while the favorite wallpaper must get the backlight to find one meter away feeling. To try to choose matte color wallpaper selection of wallpaper.

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