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Wallpaper, this will affect our whole style of the decoration things sometimes really makes us a headache. Looking at someone’s home decoration of the house, sometimes the overall color and attractive, and admire the aesthetic of the owner, sometimes even bring your own. But after all, not to copy their own, sometimes we really want a perfect master of his own world. Hanson furniture small series is able to discern the needs of everyone, although Lord Hanson furniture furniture business, but in the home with respect, but experts Oh, come on weekdays Hanson furniture store Customers who carries a variety of problems to Hanson furniture consultant consult our consultants also answered every question, so dear customers gave us furniture consultant Hanson took the nickname “home Encyclopedia”, the following Xiaobian we quickly look Hanson furniture consultant for wallpaper color is how to guide it.
1. Hall Wallpaper – according to the choice facing room

East-facing room since the early sun to leave the room earlier earliest daylight dims, so Hanson furniture consultant recommended shallow warm wallpaper is often the safest. South-facing room longest duration of sunshine, use cool colors will often make people feel more comfortable, the room effect is also more attractive. West of the room most of the day due to the impact of intense sunset Xi Zhao, the consultant recommended the furniture Hanson deep cool, this seems to be more comfortable. North of the room due to the direct rays of the sun do not, so we should be inclined to the color selection wallpaper in warm colors, and color lighter.

2. The master bedroom wallpaper – depending on the use of the room to choose the color of the wallpaper

Hanson furniture consultant, said the use of the room often determines the need to create the effect. It should appear bright living room, relax or warm, comfortable, and the restaurant can be dark green wallpaper. Kitchen always adapted to shallow bright color wallpaper, wallpaper warm but beware caution. Corridors and foyer just act as channels, so you can use different shades of colors bold wallpaper. The bedroom style is determined by various security person’s taste.
3. Restaurants Wallpaper – Color Description

Light yellow wallpaper walls warm; red color wallpaper to stimulate a large area of ​​red can make people excited, excited; green wallpaper is a good sedative, green regulating body balance have a good effect; purple induce appetite, It helps absorb calcium, which will help to restore and maintain health; yellow and orange colors, can stimulate the nervous and digestive system, strengthening of logical thinking; blue wallpaper can regulate the body balance, eliminate tension helps relieve headache, fever, syncope insomnia; quiet serene blue home, people can fully relax the day’s exertion.
4. Children Room Wallpaper – Select the wallpaper color depending on the shape of the room

Hanson furniture consultant, said, can change the color of the room shape people feel a certain extent. For example Cool wallpaper enables low ceilings look becomes higher, so that the narrow room widened. The distal end of the wall in the room with a dark color of the wallpaper, the wall will produce advance results. Similar effects can change the appearance of any room.
Do not ask, do not know, we are not able to wallpaper did not expect to have such a major problem? Hanson furniture small series also has a lesson, is really at home in the field to understand things too much, ah!

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