General Wallpapers divided into: PVC plastic wallpaper, pure paper wallpapers, non-woven wallpaper is wallpaper of three different concepts.
And the wallpaper‘s surface is a layer of plastic film. Waterproof performance good, clean.
Nonwoven wallpaper
China‘s second largest sales second only to glue wallpaper wallpaper. Wallpapers the most environmentally friendly one. The material is made from pure natural cotton fibre nonwoven form. Sales in Europe and the largest domestic market in Zhejiang market comparable sales of nonwoven wallpaper and plastic surface and nonwoven is the mainstream in the future. In addition knowledge is on nonwoven: according to the different content of fiber, is divided into two kinds of materials. , Fiber is under 16%, referred to as nonwoven paper 16%, referred to as nonwoven fabric. Higher tend to cloth, nonwoven shopping bags.
Plain paper wallpaper
——A, Virgin wood pulp paper with Virgin wood pulp as raw material, through beating molding, printing on the surface. This kind of wallpaper is relatively good toughness, the surface is relatively smooth, Shan Ping m share is relatively heavy.
B——to recyclable materials, and recycled paper as raw materials, through beating, filtration, purification, and the toughness of this type of paper is relatively weak, mostly foam or halffoam on the surface. Shan Ping m share of relatively light

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