Every child likes graffiti, help coordinate with children hands, eyes, brain graffiti objective, enhanced brain, eye opponent’s ability to command, has a huge role in promoting. This action is not a substitute for other activities. Painting graffiti activity from the beginning of the period, help children develop small muscle, enhance cognitive ability and creativity in the mental development of children has an important significance. However, children Tu Tu painting on the walls, clean the walls or wallpaper was painted beautiful mess, for parents, is indeed a happy trouble, both want to follow the child’s interest and encourage them to draw, but this wall clean the surface is indeed a problem. No way, just put a wall into a children’s room for the children to create graffiti drawing board as well.

Parents can upload a blank wall on a small blackboard or white board, these small drawing board can be washed children available pens, chalk above random Tu Tu painting, colorful graffiti wall decoration can become the most creative. If you think small blackboard or white board installation problems, there is a more convenient solution, that is, on a flat wall or wallpaper paste Wall film. The wall film on the wall and the board looks the same, but it is a film, the size can be customized according to their own needs. Parents can put the children’s room the whole wall, multi-wall or membrane are labeled graffiti wall, which the children do not worry about dirty wall.

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