Seamless wall covering conservation

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Relatively speaking, seamless wall covering decoration easier maintenance.
Wall covering hotline greatly accelerates Shengzhou source of international building materials market visit, a family business in the first trod footprints seamless wall covering, then used to wipe clean cloth dipped in water several times, seamless wall covering surface resumed unabated. Insiders told reporters, relatively speaking, more seamless wall covering conservation, mainly to avoid the often damp. Of course, if you pay attention to some others, you can use special cleaning agents to clean seamless wall covering, which is sprayed onto a seamless wall covering, then wiped away, the market is currently more common seamless wall covering cleaner price about 60 yuan / bottle (450 ml), to clean seamless wall covering 40 square meters.

On life, the seamless wall covering some of the more durable. Zhou Ying said that after coating up to 5 years will have to repaint once, and the time seamless wall covering used can reach 15 years.
Competition Results: seamless wall covering more conservation, and the use of a longer time, so this round of competition in the seamless wall covering winner.

Comprehensive assessment: Seamless wall decoration paint decoration and have their own characteristics, taking into account that the cost of renovation is the decisive factor, short construction period, good decoration effect, easy conservation and long use time, etc. While having a seamless wall covering.

Summer thunderstorm, the house can easily become wet, often due to various reasons the walls damp conditions. If the weather was fine, the problem is solved damp walls? In fact not the case. Today, we teach some of the walls damp, moldy treatment.

Wall rainy damp treatment

● damp tile does not matter most
In all cases, damp, damp most tile does not matter. After the tile home damp darken, or even black. But experts said that the owners do not panic, damp black tile visual light emission caused by the poor, will be restored to their original until dry.

● timely processing of moldy wall
Once damp moldy walls, we need timely removal of mold, 84 disinfectant or bleach solution (diluted to 5% -10%) of water to clean the walls with anti-virus, the mold spot clean. If serious moldy walls, and larger, you will need to re-construction primer and paint brush, the best choice mildew better products and services.

● damp wallpaper to change overall
After the damp walls affixed with wallpaper, wallpaper may appear warped, deformed and discolored. If the moldy wallpaper, to a lesser extent, wipe with a damp cloth, then dry the hair dryer can be localized. More serious, it is recommended to replace the whole wall wallpaper.

● damp bathroom a good deal
Leaking toilet very common, occur ceiling damp situations. Bathroom generally ceiling, walls of water seepage will be hidden, so no special treatment. Seepage serious, need to redo the upstairs neighbor waterproof. If the bathroom ceiling Lvkou Ban, after solving seepage simply wipe clean, waterproof gypsum board if you need to replace.

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