Seamless wall covering and paint contrast

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Seamless wall decoration good effect
Seamless wall covering rich patterns can easily create a stylish home style, and is now also able to brush paint some very texture pattern, then this round of competition in the end which side will win it?

Seamless wall decoration more susceptible to the effect, such as the common simple style, rustic, natural style, European style retro style and playful, etc., can be obtained by choosing different seamless wall covering. The most important is the seamless wall covering decoration effect is more intimate, thus avoiding the kind of cold decoration paint texture.

Although there are some high quality paint can also create a variety of styles, such as a paint brush can be used marble walls hard texture and pattern, or even a soft brush woven leather texture, but these are irregular pattern,
So there is not a small gap.

Competition Results: Although most of the domestic residential renovation selected only paint, but many families prefer white walls, but seamless wall covering warm and varied styles, can revel in the taste of home, so this round of competition to win a seamless wall covering.
Who is more environmentally friendly?

Insiders believe that, more environmentally friendly paint decoration, as long as the material meets the requirements of environmental protection, after the application is complete harmful substances will evaporate completely, so there is no residue to affect living healthy.

In actual fact, there is a seamless wall covering consisting of cotton fiber, and daily use of towels for the same kind of fabric, which is also environmentally-friendly glue sticky glue, so seamless wall covering is very environmentally friendly.

But on the specific circumstances of the market in terms of products, decoration materials, environmental protection, or with product-related or not. The industry believes that high-grade seamless wall covering is equipped with special high-grade glue, it is able to avoid the decoration pollution.
Competition Results: indoor harmful gas content is also an issue of concern, and thus in the process of renovation should be avoided because of the harm caused by improper selection of materials. Whether seamless wall covering or paint, as long as you can meet environmental requirements, so this round of competition the two sides tied.

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