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PVC wallpaper surface mainly polyvinyl chloride resin, there are three main
A, ordinary type —— to 80g / square meter of paper as the base paper, surface coating 100g / square meter PVC resin. Its surface decoration method is usually printed, embossed or printed with a combination of embossed.

B, foaming ——- to 100g / sqm paper is paper-based, applied to the surface 300-400g / square meter PVC resin. According to the size of the expansion ratio, there are low foaming and high foaming, respectively. Wherein the high elastic foam wallpaper surface embossed, it has a certain sound-absorbing effect.

C, functional —— where water wallpaper is made of glass fiber cloth as a substrate, it can be used to decorate the bathroom, bathroom wall; fire wallpaper is used 100-200g / square meter of asbestos paper as the substrate, and PVC surface material incorporated flame retardant.

PVC wallpaper has some water resistance, to facilitate construction. After the surface contamination, use a clean sponge or towel.

(1), PVC coating wallpaper (plain paper, woven or nonwoven fabric as the base material)
Plain paper, nonwoven fabric, woven fabric as the substrate, the substrate surface coating PVC paste resin, and then processed by printing, embossing and other processes is made.
Such wallpaper after foaming treatment may produce a strong three-dimensional sense, and can be made into a variety of realistic texture effects, such as imitation wood, imitation brocade, imitation tile, etc., there is a strong texture and good permeability resistance, better able to resist the erosion of oil and moisture, can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, suitable for almost all home sites.

(2), PVC plastic surface wallpaper (plain paper or fabric as a substrate)
Such wallpaper is covered with a layer of PVC film in a pure bottom paper (or non-woven fabric, woven fabric layer), the compound is made by, embossing, printing and other processes. Such exquisite wallpaper printing, embossed texture good, good waterproof, durable, easy maintenance. Such wallpaper is the most common and most versatile of the wallpaper, it can be widely applied to all residential and commercial premises.


Wallpaper blistering: Foaming is another common wallpaper But the main problem is the uneven wallpaper paste wallpaper glue results in late surface contractile force with the primary separation of water too much, some of the built-in bubble thus arise. In fact, the solution is simple, just get regular needle piercing the bubble wallpaper surface, the gas is released, and then extracting the needle just the right amount of adhesive injection pinhole, and finally re-flatten the wallpaper, dried can.

Moldy wallpaper: Wallpaper mold generally occurs during the rainy season and humid weather, mainly high wall of water. The situation is not too serious for the moldy wallpaper solution is as follows: Apply a proper amount of water with a white towel to wipe, or else it with soapy water. The best solution would be to buy a special wallpaper shop in addition to mold agent.
Wallpaper Alice: Alice wallpaper may be the primary treatment is not clean, or wallpaper adhesive bonding is too low sun angle package edge is less than 2mm and other reasons, the solution: use wallpaper paste powder, and put it at the curling , at the warped smooth, with a hair dryer blowing about 10 seconds, and then hand in real until cement, with a hair dryer blowing dry.

Wallpaper scrub: scrub with a damp cloth or dry dirt place; can not use some colored wallpaper contamination of raw materials, would be difficult to remove; wipe wallpaper of privacy should begin after some partial avoid corner or door, to avoid adverse The reaction caused damage to wallpaper.

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