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Are Toxic
For wallpaper if there is poison, we focus on the kind of material is not wallpaper, wallpaper but from itself. The good pvc wallpaper will not cause harm to humans. pvc wallpaper poisonous because consumers do not know how to buy good pvc wallpaper. But one thing is, pvc wallpaper domestic market a wide range of standard checks are not strict, resulting in poor quality pvc wallpaper exist on the market. Therefore, we keep in mind that high-quality pvc wallpaper is in line with national safety standards, it will not cause harm to humans. Importantly, we need to know how to choose good pvc wallpaper.
Seasonal maintenance edit

1. Pure paper-based products:
Pure paper-based products can be divided into groups of plain paper and coated paper group categories, but in general it has no PVC coating to protect the surface, doing more to pay attention to the cleaning method. Only use a clean sponge or colorless wet towel to gently wipe, and not too much to control the moisture. If significant stains can be cleaned only appropriate, not excessive force to clean the surface so as not to scratch the wallpaper.

2. Non-woven:
Non-woven products to its natural advantages, should be particularly careful when handling. Preferred to use feather duster to remove dust, then use a clean wet towel using paste method to maintain clean.

3. natural materials class
Natural material products which are mostly vat dyed color, because color retention is not high, clean water will be significant fade phenomenon, it is recommended to clean dry towel or feather duster.

Wallpaper difference
Sub-ordinary plastic wallpaper and PVC foam wallpaper wallpaper, each divided into several categories. Ordinary wallpaper is 80 grams per square meter of paper do substrate coated with 100 grams per square meter of PVC resin by printing, embossing made. Including monochrome embossing, printing, embossing, bright embossed peace light embossing and so few, the most common use of wallpaper.
PVC foam wallpaper appear thicker than regular wallpaper, soft. Wherein the high elastic foam wallpaper surface was uneven; low foaming wallpaper is printed on the flat foam patterns, shaped like a relief, wood, tile and other effects. Pattern fidelity, three-dimensional sense of strong, good decorative effect, suitable for indoor dado, living room and other decorative building hallway. High elastic foam wallpaper surface embossed, it is a decorative and versatile sound-absorbing wallpaper.

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