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Non-woven wallpaper is mainly chemical fibers, such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, polyvinyl chloride and other heating melt extruded through a nozzle and then through the rolling pattern forming, or made of cotton, hemp and other natural plant fiber through non-woven forming. More chemical fiber and plant fiber through non-woven forming mixed. The industry as the “breath of wallpaper”, is currently the most popular new type of green materials, harmless to humans and the environment, in full compliance with environmental safety standards.
Non-woven wallpaper is divided into: synthetic fiber and chemical fiber two kinds of plant fiber + less

55-80 parts of wood pulp and polyester fibers 15-25 parts, aramid or glass fibers or a mixture of both parts 1-12, 4-17 parts additives. The long-fiber pulp and short fiber pulp was mixed pulping, beating the polyester fibers, aramid fibers, glass fibers and additives added to wood pulp mixed, sizing, drying, coating, rolls, Winder. Low permeability and high elastic non-woven paper, both high quality and high breath ability of this wallpaper base paper production, not resurgence, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low shrinkage of the paper, good dimensional stability. The use of aramid fiber and glass fiber reinforced multi-trapping effect of the product, so that the wallpaper bump level, more three-dimensional, the height of the flash characteristic, meet people for high-grade Colorful wallpaper needs.

Non-woven fabric (Non-woven), also known as non-woven fabric, non-woven. Orientation or randomly oriented fibers by friction, cohesion or adhesive or a combination of these methods combined with each other and made from a sheet, web or batt. It does not include paper and woven, knitted, tufted fabric, with stitching yarns stitched fabrics and felts wet milling (regardless of whether such products through acupuncture reinforcement).

The fibers may be natural or chemical processing, it may be short fibers, filaments or fibers formed on the spot.
1, wet non-woven and wetlaid non-woven difference is that one should meet the following conditions.
a, a fiber component length to diameter ratio of greater than 300 fibers (excluding chemically cooked vegetable fiber) accounted for more than 50% by mass;
B, in which composition ratio of the fiber length and diameter of the fibers is greater than 300 (not including the fiber after pulping plant) of more than 30% by mass, and a density of less than 0.4 / cm.

Because of non-woven products pure color, visual comfort, soft touch, sound absorbing breathable, elegant, high-end home decoration of choice. Compared with ordinary wallpaper easier to post, more waterproof, easy grilled seam, no warping, seams intact, natural quality, aromatic odor, fashion style. Consumers natural demand for environmentally friendly products is very sensitive, and non-woven wallpaper also happens to have a direct impact on these two important factors in whether consumers physical and mental health, and in this society, everyone is to promote environmental protection, and environmental protection non-woven wallpaper, how consumers will not it?

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