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Plastic wallpaper

Generally paper as a substrate, a surface coated by printing, embossing or foaming process into two inner Xu decorative material with various patterns, designs or special features.
PVC wallpaper is the most common plastic wallpaper. It is a paper for the substrate to PVC film as the surface layer. Common type of non-foaming, foam and other species. It features beautiful, durable, have a certain flexibility, resistance to cracking strength, can be made into a variety of patterns and tactile, very rich texture, as well as high strength, anti-pull-pull, easy-paste features, stale after too easy replacement, and the surface does not absorb water, cloth can scrub. The disadvantage is poor ventilation, over time, will gradually presbyopia and more or less side effects on human health.
Plastic wallpaper is developing rapidly, widely used as a wallpaper.

Cotton Wallpaper
Pure cotton cloth after pre-processing, printing, coating made of. Having high strength, electrostatic small, light, sound-absorbing, non-toxic, odorless, durable, beautiful and generous color and other characteristics. Suitable for more advanced home decoration.

Fiber wallpaper
Chemical fiber as the substrate, after some processing from printing. Non-toxic, odorless, breathable, moisture, abrasion, non-hierarchical, etc., applicable to general residential wall decoration.

Cork wallpaper
Natural bark – cork as raw material, made of new environmental protection wall decoration materials, not only has a natural, simple, rugged beauty of nature, but also have sound-absorbing, vibration isolation, insulation, non-toxic, tasteless, no distortion, no decay, and insect, fire-retardant features.

Stone wallpaper
Among low-carbon environmentally friendly products has a good reputation. Stone wallpaper are large reserves of mineral resources are widely distributed limestone as the main raw material polymer as materials, manufactured by a special process. So visible, stone wallpaper really be with the “stone” to do. “Stone wallpaper” non-toxic and tasteless, anti-bacterial pest control, waste reduction, etc., but more price advantage.

Coated paper-based wallpaper
Paper as a substrate, coated with a surface layer of polymer emulsion A wall decoration materials by printing, embossing and other processes made of. Waterproof, abrasion, permeability, color and rich in features, and easy to use, simple operation, short duration, high efficiency and low cost. Suitable for wall decoration in general families.

Glass fiber wallpaper
It is a glass fiber cloth as the substrate, the surface coated with wear-resistant resin, printed on a color pattern made of. Are colorful, many colors, no fading, no aging, fire protection, wear resistance, simple construction, convenient paste, water available for washing soap and other characteristics.

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