Paper wall covering primer surface characteristics


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Brief introduction

Paper wallpaper primer surface is the most widely used variety of wallpaper, it has a variety of colors, rich patterns, affordable, dirt, scrub and other major advantages.

By printing, embossing dies different pattern design, multi-color printing overprint, various lines of embossed with such colorful wallpaper patterns, both for office space, decent plain paper, but also for young people cheerful strong contrast to the bold geometry; both not home, you can see the landscape of string and paper flowers, but also cater to the tastes of children, take you into the wonderful world of fairy tales cartoon paper. As long as decent design, it can create arbitrary wallpaper for your home atmosphere.

Popular paper wallpaper primer surface on the market, the price increase construction costs, the total price of more than 10 to 20 yuan / square meter. A twenty square meters of the room, just to spend a few hundred dollars to Hull. These price structure, especially for the needs of the working class. Home space, hotels enjoy, constantly innovating while reserving differences, and create wallpaper popular domestic manufacturing industry, one is to make your dreams come true.

Short cycle mode
Choose paint or paint decoration, wall construction to be repeated at least three to five times, each time interval of one day, it will take a week’s time. Coupled Paint & Coatings contains large amounts of organic solvents, inhaled may have an impact on human health, so the need to maintain good indoor ventilation for more than 10 days prior to arrival. Thus, from the decoration to be completed, at least two weeks. The selection of wallpaper decoration, Sanshiyiting housing by a professional wallpaper wallpaper construction personnel posted just three people to complete, will not affect your normal life.

Dirt scrub
If your home baby like writing, often announced that the latest work on the wall; if you beat the summer because mosquitoes do not accidentally dirty walls, no need to worry about cleaning wallpaper, just use a sponge moistened with water or detergent wipe can remove stains. Wallpaper glue surface dirt, scrub characteristics guarantee that you will not be affected even if repeated smear nice family wall.

Other advantages
Plastic surface Wallpaper’ll meet your fire, mold, antibacterial special needs.

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