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No Chinese identity, Chinese instructions not be sold in the Chinese market on the wallpaper products. Fully FIG.

More and more consumers choose to use wallpaper decoration, buy wallpaper to understand appearing on the market two pitfalls to avoid fooled.

Trap one: Domestic counterfeit imports

Wallpaper domestic consumer market for domestic products lack of understanding, one-sided superstition foreign products, foreign products is that the high-end stuff. In order to reap huge profits, many shops are outreach own wallpaper wallpaper imported goods, consumers do not understand the line to see the product description, almost all do not understand English, they blindly believe that is definitely imported brands. In fact, these wallpapers are many fake foreign goods.

Tips: buy imported wallpaper, you can view the proposed no unpacking the entire volume of the bar code to the merchant wallpaper, regular foreign brands are generally different models, different colors have different independent bar code, bar code identification of goods is composed of representatives the 12-digit product code and a checksum component, if the bar code is the same, it is certainly “false foreign devils.”

Moreover, imported wallpaper have declarations, bills of lading, packing slips and invoices container, four single verification together about it, whether it is better to ensure that imported wallpaper.

In addition, if there is no Chinese logo wallpaper products, Chinese shows that China’s “Product Quality Law” to prohibit the sale in the Chinese market. It is known as wallpaper imported Chinese products did not explain, is certainly “fake” goods. When buying wallpaper do not have blind faith in things foreign, many domestic brands of wallpaper on the technology has reached the international level, look for the brand after the purchase can be assured.

Trap II: small manufacturers OEM

Some wallpaper products, in fact, just find a small factory orders produced, and then put your own brand, does not exist in product development, design, product quality control and supervision is non-existent, which is bound to result in the existence of such products as quality defects, no after-sale protection.

Tips: When you buy wallpaper products, be sure to choose their own factories wallpaper, take a look at the manufacturers data, photos and other large-scale manufacturers have product quality inspection report and certificate of environmental protection products, the above data at a glance.

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