Moldy wallpaper, how to do?

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Find a cause: often see a friend asked moldy wallpaper, it is generally annoying, we all know moldy, certainly hit the water and water-related wallpaper, if not promptly treated a long time easy to clean mold: 1, the wall of the reasons : external wall seepage is also easy to mold, it is recommended that outdoor wall wallpaper paste is not needed lightweight walls, the key is to do waterproofing the walls, do not let the walls from moisture, or near a window stickers wallpaper and pay attention waterproof, wind and sunlight that local water and other affected relatively large, do not care and have a good wallpaper from the mold possible. (Of course, this refers primarily to the general terms of wallpaper, if the possibility is very expensive real import of high-quality wallpaper this happening is extremely small);

So it is recommended that you choose wallpaper waterproof function now on the market most of the wallpaper can be waterproof, including imports of pure paper wallpaper, surfaces through a special process;.. 2, there is a moldy reason, we tend to ignore, when the wallpaper is in construction, if the glue is not completely dry, the emergence of the Church or the indoor and outdoor air temperature, and can easily lead to the wallpaper as edge lifting from the dark and in the future because of the long-term presence of moisture and air in the wallpaper, and the emergence moldy .

So, just after the pavement wallpaper room should close doors and windows, dry processing. 3 days after the end of the pavement to be wallpaper should be gently wiped with a moist towel wallpaper seams wallpaper glue residue. In this case also can make the whole room ventilation. This is a wallpaper construction and associated circumstances, there is before the wallpaper paste wallpaper try not to get soaking, otherwise it is easy to make from moldy wallpaper!

3, ambient humidity caused. This occurred mainly in the south. Cause of the rainy season. Most people think that even such as Guangdong and Hainan weather in the south should not wallpaper paste. In actual fact, as long as we pay attention to room ventilation to avoid the rainy season to wallpaper paste. Above we talked about several common causes and measures appear moldy wallpaper. If it has moldy, how to do?

First, if the area is relatively large, or more, even if you think the repair will be very ugly also want to change the kind of style, replace it altogether;

If not great, your wallpaper quality is also good not too late to remedy. First, I propose that soap or detergent to clean soiled, if not, then wiped with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol, such as less serious, it can be rubbed twenty-three under mildew removal. Another way is to use addition to mold bleach. But it is easy to irritate the skin, so be sure to wear rubber gloves when in use, and to rinse thoroughly. Some people may worry that dare not use bleach, fear of the original color removed. The use of some special handling in addition to wall mildew mold agent. You can ask the store to buy the wallpaper.

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