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Wallpaper is commonly used in decorative home improvement, rather clever use of wallpaper has a combination of paving increase space, freedom to create color space, separate space modification effect oh, come quickly learn it!

Modern decoration, the wallpaper is commonly used in home decoration decorative way, more and more families choose a wallpaper. Since Wallpaper paving can be a good home remedy defects, but also can decorate your small home, real sense. So a lot of decoration by owners alike. Today small to teach you how to make home wallpaper Paving insufficient.

Magical a wallpaper: a combination of paving large space

Large open space easy to be deserted, the modified approach is in space with other adjacent wall, wallpaper, tiling or more thick colorful wallpaper. Large wallpaper patterns can dominate here, filling the beautiful, atmospheric decorative effect.
Paving composition is also more traditional safer way is to choose a wallpaper pattern after, and then choose a solid color wallpaper of the same color combination as dado Stones, waist baseboard and select the wallpaper pattern style Match.

Wallpaper Magical II: creative freedom Color Space

Some relatively high demand for color space, such as children’s room, in order to develop children’s visual and psychological needs of the wall color is more soft, rich, you can put colorful Kid wallpaper pattern wallpaper and soft solid compositions paving. Strong color vertical striped wallpaper fragmented space can easily put parts into a whole, because of the strong colors enhance the visual continuity and vertical pattern is to ensure that the pattern will not be cut off.

Secondly, in a single solid color wallpaper wall tiling, because strengthen the single wall visual effects, contrasting sense of not extending paving wallpaper wall, and thus can play a small space ‘release’ role. Note that the choice of colors as much as possible, “Shen” some, but also pay attention to coordination with other soft-mounted color.

Wallpaper Magical Three: Modified fragmented space

When the wallpaper shop, we may encounter some problems, such as Continental abandoned old house has a fireplace, or built-in wardrobes, this time will be cut off the wall, the entire wall tiling wallpaper is difficult to guarantee complete. Then you can consider a combination of paving the way wallpaper, use wallpaper and other modifications waist wall defects. Paving the way for a combination of wallpaper were forcibly partition walls that are suitable for the complete wall.

It divided the most suitable wall covered with strong colors vertical stripes wallpaper, decoration and color continuity can gather together the fragmented space. Attention to the wall to avoid the use of large paving patterns of wallpaper, wallpaper pattern because if cut, will make the space seem more irregular. Large patterns can shop in the area of ​​the large wall, so to avoid the room look too empty, on the contrary, a solid color or pattern is suitable for small pieces of paving wallpaper small spaces.

Second, you can also choose the same color in different patterns of wallpaper, or wallpaper pattern wallpaper and solid color combination, adding a distinctive style wallpaper waist, suitable for any space. If you encounter the old fireplace, the furnace can be closed with a clamp and then paste wallpaper, art frame waistline can make the effect of the wallpaper mosaic, with a neo-classical style wallpaper pattern matching art sculpture ingenuity.

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