Identify non-woven wallpaper is good or bad

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Currently most popular, most widely popular range of three major symptoms: procrastination, obsessive-compulsive disorder, choose difficult disease. Operators have one light, the other there is nothing new, if unfortunate three concurrent symptoms that probably only be heaven to rescue the …

Most consumers choose the way dyslexia, perennial endless wandering, and finally chronic illness into health. So painstaking research, “recipe”, as long as the parents who took the prescription to non-woven wallpaper paste “strike”, keeping the patient.

The first one:
Non-woven sisal wallpaper and a touch of linen and other natural plant fiber manufacturing, not only has a unique three-dimensional surface of the fiber, but also feels a fabric-like soft touch before with the eye, may wish to use your fingers to feel at that ways to make the heart warm to the touch.

The second measure:
Wallpaper Unlike paint, especially outstanding designs and patterns big advantage, clear and uniform color for the top grade. But do not just choose the pattern, color durability is very important factor. Simply wipe with a damp towel at wallpaper, color does not come off the high quality.

The third measure:
Like scientists to come up with bottles of water, a drop of water dripping on two wallpaper, wait two or three minutes if the water does not soak, the wallpaper waterproof performance good, strong antifungal properties, and to ensure that non-woven wallpaper in wet stable and drying process of deformation.

The fourth one:
Where a fold fold fold paper are afraid, but good quality non-woven wallpaper good tensile strength easy to produce crease in the construction will be more convenient, without damaging the wall aesthetics, thermal expansion and cold in extreme weather conditions Alice does not shrink easily occur, the situation is torn.

Fifth move:
Draw two remember to bring a pencil and eraser, and the family of “bear a child,” the same, with a pencil on the selected wallpaper look, and then wipe the rubber, leaving no trace of the finest quality. Even children everywhere bear to write about painting, not afraid not afraid of friends.

Sixth trick:
Smell the smell of non-woven wallpaper wallpaper is a natural plant fiber through nonwoven forming, it does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine smell without any pungent odor. If qualified, you can spot a small piece of burning, high environmental index wallpaper combustion and no pungent smell and smoke.

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