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Many owners in the bottom of my heart I felt wallpaper paste brush paint compared to others in terms of a simple, pre-construction wall just keep clean and smooth on the line, it is not true, paving the wallpaper is not a simple matter. So how wallpaper paste? Beijing decoration Xiaobian below will bring you the most detailed and comprehensive step of wallpaper paste, for reference purposes when we Paving wallpaper.

How wallpaper paste?

1, on-site inspection step signature wallpaper

Check whether complete the purchase of wallpaper, is consistent with the quantity purchased. Check on the construction materials are complete. Such as powder, mortar, protection belt. Should pay attention to whether the wallpaper and mortar “certification standard” certification. “Certification Standards” is the highest globally recognized level of environmental protection, only solid wood and non-formaldehyde glue in order to achieve this standard.

Wallpaper paste Step 2, check the quality of the wall

Construction of the wall requires a clean, firm, smooth, dry, moderate water absorption, pH neutral. Check whether the walls meet the above requirements. Usually after brushing the wall interface agent (moisture-proof material) shall be naturally dried for 15 days or more.

Step 3 wallpaper paste, good ground protection

Usually when making wallpaper Stones, it has paved the ground or floor tiles. It recommended before paving the wallpaper, on the ground covered with a layer of plastic film. Covered with a thin film can be prevented from falling glue directly to the floor, and thus play a role to protect the floor.

Wallpaper paste Step 4, again Measurements

Measure the size of the wall, draw the amount of wallpaper needed. Wallpaper removal width is the shortest side of the effective protection of wallpaper from the wall to the top of the baseboard position paving height is the shortest distance between the effective width of each wallpaper.

Step 5 wallpaper paste, wallpaper began cutting

When cutting wallpaper, single must be greater than the actual length of the wall, usually a distance of about 10 cm. Wallpaper cutting the remaining portion may be retained for use as a post-repair. If a complete wall, more than a location (such as: beams), this location is usually not the Stones, the better.

Step 6 wallpaper paste, wallpaper glue softened

Scraper glue evenly on the back of wallpaper, glue and paste after the protective tape folded wallpaper, wallpaper let soften for some time. In the dispensing process, paving the orange protective tape on the surface when folded will not guarantee wallpaper glue.

Step 7 wallpaper paste, wallpaper Stones

When Stones wallpaper, can make use of the instrument is determined horizontal and vertical wallpaper, and pay attention to upper and lower edge of the left surplus position. Stones wallpaper, pay attention to timeliness. If the glue begins to dry, strong, wallpaper Never lift correction.

Step 8 wallpaper paste, wallpaper trimming clean

Splicing overlap note pattern wallpaper overlap and cut. Wire switch panel at the stroke straight as possible. Glue on the wallpaper glue and the panel splice scrapings, usable sponge to wipe.

Step 9 wallpaper paste, paving completed to confirm

Owners need acceptance wallpaper pavement, keep the relevant documents signed confirmation, in particular warranty certificate. Because involves subsequent maintenance warranty issues need to be treated with caution.

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