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Crop wallpaper
Trimmer is the most important part of the wallpaper paste, and the cutter, there are two ways, one is the overlapping cutting method, the ground will overlap the wallpaper, for good flower, cut under the knife, and then paste, and simple construction of flowers accurate. One kind of patchwork method, after the top of the wall in the end portion, Measure the height of the skirting and cut wallpaper sizes of materials than the actual size of a few centimeters long and pre-cut paper compiled a good number, in order to paste, paste from the upper part flower. Need to spend puzzle wallpaper, this approach avoids waste, but the construction more difficult.

Post Wallpaper
Before the construction should be chosen in the air relative humidity less than 85%, the temperature should not have dramatic changes of season, determined to avoid the wet season and the wet wall construction. Construction should open doors and windows during the day to maintain ventilation; doors and windows closed at night to prevent the ingress of moisture. Just paste the wall wallpaper, prohibit winds fierce winds, it will affect its adhesion fastness extremely surface engineering.

To cut a good wallpaper paste after wet before, usually, after the infiltration in water, place 10 minutes gluing. Gluing wallpaper paste is also key, requiring brushing glue uniform, tight, can not leak brush, be careful not to wrap the edge, from the pile to prevent dirty wallpaper. After gluing the back of wallpaper, plastic and rubber surface should be placed face again and again, not only can prevent the adhesive surface dries quickly, but also to prevent contamination of paper, while allowing the paste operation.

Wallpaper is from top to bottom, a mosaic of a paste. Wallpaper is 53 cm wide, one is 53 cm. Suppose room wallpaper is part of the width of 40 cm, need a wallpaper.
A roll of wallpaper is the total length of 10 meters, three points, a 3.33 meters, pattern wallpaper, parquet docking should be between each piece (called a flower), the larger the pattern (two identical flowers distance from the flower called), when two of the flower wallpaper, the greater the loss. Therefore, a roll of three, after a good flower, the width of each web may sometimes be only 3 meters or less, the height of the wall is necessary within this range.

Wallpaper paste requires top of the wall and baseboards at the joints should be tight, can not have a gap, with the edge of the blade along the wall and skirting will be compacted, dried wallpaper knife Qi gelling. Extruded glue should promptly wipe with a wet towel.
Roof generally do not shop wallpaper, construction difficult, the effect is not good. But the roof and wall interface hard to deal with, does not deal certainly does not look good, relatively simple way is to add plaster, plaster now out of fashion, but there is no need to completely deny. A better approach is 20 cm beneath the roof do not shop wallpaper, paintbrush, wallpaper above the waist or with wallpaper hanging mirror line, this treatment can also reduce the height of the pavement, reduce losses.

Subsequent processing
Wallpaper pavement just beyond the doors and windows should be closed room, dry processing. Because just Puwan wallpaper room ventilation can cause immediate wallpaper Alice and play drums. 3 days after the end of the pavement to be wallpaper should be gently wiped with a moist towel wallpaper seams wallpaper glue residue.

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