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In home decoration, wallpaper is also indispensable decorative materials, beautiful wallpaper, you can contrast a warm and romantic atmosphere at home, add a lot of bright spots to the room, however, many owners may encounter problems while Alice’s wallpaper, wallpaper Alice should be how to do, how to avoid the wallpaper Alice? Here’s to follow the small series with a look.

Before getting to know how to avoid wallpaper Alice, we first analyze, why Alice wallpaper. On the one hand, may be due to the wall primary treatment is not clean; on the other hand there may be a problem because of the glue, such as the binding force is not high, and so the glue does not dry; there may be due to quality problems caused wallpaper itself. Here we look at how to avoid it while Alice wallpaper.

First, we must handle the grassroots

Whatever they do, we must lay the foundation, wallpaper, decorative as well. Biaohu the moisture content of less than 9%, cleared primary surface dust, oil, at the same time, primary surface must be flat, you can use putty surface evenness.

Second, stencilled varnish to prevent Alice

Stencilled varnish can be lifted grassroots surface is dry, rough problems. Note that even when stencilled varnish needs stencilled, to be sticky, they can start posting wallpaper.

Wallpaper paste should be how? What should pay attention to?

Third, the brush to prevent the adhesive glue wallpaper Alice

In the back of the wallpaper glue brush, a little further on the wall and so little time to pay attention, do not wait until the glue dry on the wall, so, while Alice wallpaper easily. Meanwhile, according to the different wallpaper, wallpaper part before gluing required after flooding.

In addition, you can use specialized glue to post the wallpaper, but before use, the test sample should be prepared.

Fourth, the selection of appropriate tools

Wallpaper on the wall after the selection of appropriate tools to conduct Calibrating the excess bonding glue scraped, and use a wet towel to wipe off; in addition, the force should be uniform, a lot of excessive force to prevent the adhesive glue It was completely scraped off, resulting in too few cases wallpaper glue edge lifting, towels should not be too wet to prevent flooding resulting in the glue paste viscosity.

Wallpaper paste should be how? What should pay attention to?

Fifth, overcast angle, wrap angle wallpaper Processing

Wallpaper side take Corner in the shade, the lap width of not less than 2-3 mm; non Yang corner joints, wallpaper should be wrapped over the positive angle not less than 20 mm; wallpaper at the corners need to use professional relatively strong adhesive force glue wallpaper paste.

Sixth, the use of non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven fabrics are eco-friendly, breathable, bonded firmly, and long service life. The use of non-woven wallpaper, wallpaper can not only prolong life, but also reduce the trouble wallpaper Alice brought.

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