How to deal with the old primary wall

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The quality of primary wall treatment, not only determine whether the construction workers on the wallpaper were successfully installed, and determines the quality of the installation and use of quality, and the length of time customers use wallpaper. To do this work, though a bit wasteful, and will make people feel tired, but in order to avoid improper primary treatment, avoid construction defects, for aesthetic wallpaper, a little more time and effort is worth it. For different primary wall, natural treatment methods are not the same. Primary treatment even distinguish between the old walls unpainted and painted over paint two cases. Now, Xiao Bian specifically for everyone to talk about the old walls unpainted and painted in latex paint over the next two cases, how to deal with each.

First, the old walls unpainted grassroots how to deal with?
1, chalking, drip marks, dust
With a bamboo broom or wire brush to clean the base – with high pressure water washing (vestiges of dirt with cleaning liquid brushing) – Patch curls.
2, peel off from the shell
Knockout or flaking paint eradicate the upcoming level, with 1: 2.5 cement mortar, stucco repair, brushed surface flattening process.
3, cracks
After cleaning the outer coating erosion observed crack size.
Cracks larger portion cut with a cutter fracture deep 1.5-2cm, wide, then approved, brushed surface treated with the external walls of putty.
Cracks smaller parts of a hollowing phenomenon to be all knocked out with a 1: 2.5 cement mortar repair – brushed surface flattening process.
Cracks smaller parts no hollowing phenomenon – with the external walls of putty batch embedded leveling repair – surface roughed.

4, moss, mildew algae
Plugging leakage of water shall repair the old wall (with special waterproof putty) – water cannons broom or wire brush to remove scour – sterilizing water (or bleach) scrub – rinse with water after dry.
5, hood oil, grease
Eradication of oil – with 10% caustic soda water scrub – with alkaline water to rinse.
6, or mosaic tiles
Rinse the surface dust – Mosaic Tile granted special treatment agent applied two to three reinforcement – smooth surface or nap.

How Second, brushing paint over walls should handle the grassroots?
1, the old coating firm, slightly chalking
High-pressure water washing to dry, brushing construction directly, using the recommended oil penetration sealer, made of strong grass-roots level.
2, chalking serious
After clearing with a wire brush, high pressure water washing after drying the applied oil-based sealer.
3, the old coating off other ills cracks as previously mentioned manner.

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