How to choose wallpaper color pattern in the end

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Home decoration wallpaper intention, but the store where the album can only see renderings, I do not know what effect the actual finished paste. Many people Tiao color graphics, wallpaper in the end how to choose the home more harmonious?

Five-party design space Dai Xiaopeng: wallpaper color is divided into warm and cool colors, warm colors with red, yellow, orange-based, cool blue, green, gray-based. If you select colors with furniture, curtains, carpets, lighting of costume, housing room environment will look harmonious unity. Since the bedroom, living room, dining room, their use is not, it is best to select a different wallpaper, and furniture in order to achieve a harmonious effect. Dark and bright colors in the restaurant and Discovery apply lower living room, cool colors and brightness suitable for use in the bedroom and study, a small area of ​​light or dark room, should choose a smaller pattern, brightly colored wallpaper.
Wallpaper pattern can be divided into bars and group type. Different stripe pattern length and width size, applicable room sizes are different. Slightly wider strip-type pattern suitable for use in large flowing space, while the narrower pattern used in a small room more appropriate.

In addition there are stripes pattern design long gaze directed upward effect, so the room will produce the illusion of height, very suitable for use in the lower room. If the room had very tall, then choose a larger width strip pattern also good, it can extend the line of sight to the left.

Group type pattern to the number of flowers as the most eye-catching, some flower pattern fidelity, rich colors, a distance really ready to come out feeling. This wallpaper can reduce the feeling of restraint the room for a more prosaic pattern room. But this pattern of most of the more exaggerated, it should generally match European classical furniture. Simple furniture like modern people best not to use this wallpaper.

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