How to avoid fading wallpaper

Just stay in the house will inadvertently change color, because many times, tile, flooring and wallpaper reasons. The three most home improvement main material and easy to change, but if we pay attention to maintenance in the purchase, paving and use it, can be a good control of their degree of discoloration, make the home more lasting tone.

Lower-priced wallpaper is easier to change the old yellow
Case: User “Flying Pig” before entering carpentry, participated in a wallpaper buy, she bought back a total of 28 volumes wallpaper, average volume per 175 yuan. Because they are inexpensive, wallpaper manufacturers neither provide installation, do not provide materials, but does not provide a return, replacement. As a result, the master with the help of paint and other “flying pig” wallpaper, the 28 volume, there are three volumes have been varying degrees of yellowing phenomenon, not only that, paint the master told the “Flying Pig”, I’m afraid the rest of the wallpaper, but also support a year.
In wallpaper sales Fan Wei Gang “Flying Pig” analyze the reasons: “Either the quality, or is a backlog of unmarketable goods for many years.”
Fan Wei said, wallpaper and color use, installation not matter, most likely related to quality. Generally speaking, owners buy a lower-priced wallpaper, need to bear the risk would be higher, but if you buy light-colored wallpaper, that bear the risk even higher. Imported wallpaper quality is generally higher than domestic wallpaper, and other goods drawback is a longer time.
Urban sand, dusty, so after a period of time, wallpaper near the floor portion will inevitably be bleak than the above number, in which case, if the material is PVC wallpaper, can be sprayed some of mild detergent, then dry cloth gently rub immediately new look. If other materials wallpaper, you can use something called “safe bleach” cleaner, first dipped it in a towel, then wipe, and so after half an hour, then wipe it again with water.
Xiaobian Summary: wallpaper, flooring, tiles as the home of the three main material used most frequently, note purchase, pavement and use is very important, so that the above mentioned points, make more living space perfect.

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