Custom Wallpaper, Wallpaper Manufacturers in China Five tips to buy children's wallpaper

In this era of rapid development, buy a new house, a new house to decorate, to transform the old building, the room wallpaper replacement is a very high speed.
In this era of rapid development, buy a new house, a new house to decorate, to transform the old building, the room wallpaper replacement is told. Wallpaper can not only express our life experience, our room personalize and create a cozy family atmosphere, but is also a factor in environmental health have to pay attention to the outside. Especially for the children’s bedroom, the wallpaper ensure clean and sanitary, a big one choice of wallpaper principles.

Most wallpaper is a composite made from the bottom and the surface layer, and even many black heart wallpaper shop wallpaper store brands often confuse the concept, wallpaper primer paper surface is referred to as pure paper wallpaper, or called composite pulp, pulp fiber wallpaper, but the real pure paper wallpaper is whether or underlying the surface layer is made of pure natural wood pulp produced materials made of paper, is completely environmentally friendly. We can use the following four methods to identify.
Wang: look-see. Pure paper wallpaper is made from natural pulp, so its surface gloss soft, no plastic brought a sense of reflection. The wallpaper glue surface attached to the surface layer of PVC, by observing it can clearly feel a strong sense of reflective surfaces, very harsh.
News: Open a new roll of plain paper or a pure paper wallpaper wallpaper version, from which only asked to taste the fresh pulp. The plastic surface wallpaper will be shipped with a strong PVC plastic smell, very pungent. In this note, if the version of the wallpaper glue surface has been used for some time, which has been circulated taste of PVC, PVC is not asked taste.

Q: repeated inquiries salesman wallpaper material, whether or salesperson looking for the presence of inconsistencies in interpretation of the material in conversation, observe their facial expressions, unnatural situation exists.
Cut: touch wallpaper surface, pure paper wallpaper Most flat products, feels slightly rough. And it feels smooth plastic surface wallpaper, and partly by a sense of convex and concave.
There is a “fire” method. Due to the special nature of a pure paper product, which does not contain any harmful substances, so it lit only produce white smoke and no pungent smell, residue ash are burned after the hand gently twist, there is no , there is no residual plastic particles. The plastic surface wallpaper will emerge in the spread of black smoke, pungent odor generation will leave PVC residue after burn, the specific performance of small black particles.

The above method is the result of several test experts, most people experience accumulated out in everyday life, ready to give the majority being renovated or refurbished big people, little hope of the motherland flowers were able to perfectly healthy, happily growing up!

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