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Wallpaper is a work does not require much skill, as long as the owners themselves seriously study what can be done, so many owners are willing to own wallpaper, so you can reduce costs, but to good wallpaper paste must learn the following seven steps .

1. first determine the size of a good wallpaper

First determine a good wallpaper area and size determined after a good, then cut according to the appropriate wallpaper pattern and size.

2. Clean wall treatment

Some paint wallpaper on the wall extra stuff removed, and if the walls where there are potholes should be filled in a timely manner should be noted that, if there is waste silk fabric or wallpaper, it must be cleaned in advance, otherwise Post time easily punctured wallpaper. In addition to the well polished work, so you can make the walls more smooth, more convenient posting, but also more beautiful after wallpaper paste.

3. cut Wallpaper

(1) When cutting the wallpaper to be observed symmetry wallpaper, wallpaper to be good planning. Posted this effect will be more beautiful.

(2) If you are using more than one wallpaper, wallpaper To use sequentially numbered.

(3) At the same time, after a good crop wallpaper, are soaked in water more than 10 minutes on later.

4. The base film after the first brush putty

First we need to brush on a layer in the wall base film, like moderate thickness, then putty, sanding, preliminary work like painting, like multiple brush putty sanding, this is to let the wall more flat and smooth, prevents the absorption wall wallpaper glue, wallpaper so firmly posted on the wall.

5. gluing process

Gluing wallpaper is a technology live, we must first pay attention to uniform, not from the heap, and to prevent dirty wallpaper, painted after a good rubber brush should be folded plastic surface, place three minutes to prevent the plastic surface dries too quickly, affecting use. When gluing the width of the wall should be wider than the wallpaper, set aside some place out.

6. Wallpaper crop

Before wallpaper is a good cut, now you want to crop the wallpaper posted. Before cutting the wallpaper is also a good amount of first scale. While cutting the time to maintain the symmetry of the wallpaper, so as to be more beautiful.

7. The final step – wallpaper

Really, even the wallpaper better, not a good technology, less than three months or wallpaper peel off the bubble. Step wallpaper paste grasp, understanding matters to note these steps, you can personally create side Yen good value high quality wall.

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