Construction method of non-woven wallpaper

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Non-woven wallpaper posting method is similar to wallpaper, use wallpaper glue paste. Wallpaper paste, the base film, scratch paper, wallpaper knife and other related materials in the local market of building materials readily available. General workers will be posted wallpaper paste, hours fee is not expensive, according to the local market vary, but generally ranging from 5 to 15 yuan per square meter, if your strong hands, posted wallpaper can own to try to experience the fun of DIY .
Requirements on the wall:

★ wall smooth, clean and dry; moisture treatment is recommended to do so after the replacement and to avoid contamination of the walls.
★ choice of wall mortar + powder (local building materials available in the market), specific adjustments, see instructions.
★ non-woven wallpaper water not wet, as long as the wall brush glue evenly on the wall, then the wall can be.

Authentication method

Market and non-woven natural fibers, artificial and synthetic nonwoven resolution: refers to the non-woven fabric made from filaments by forming a non-woven material between technical attributes between cloth and paper. To confirm that the nonwoven fabric is completely harmless to humans, there are two key factors to consider – the production of non-woven and non-woven filaments forming the technology used for. Not all non-woven fabrics are made of natural fibers, mostly using filaments of polypropylene, even after forming a non-woven polypropylene products more easily degraded, but still not on the chemical properties of fundamental change, making these materials when using chemical additives still harm the human body. Production of non-woven fabric ideal fiber is collected from natural plant fibers, so this is the first product in the purchase of wallpaper point to note – natural fibers, artificial and synthetic non-woven fabric or non-woven fabric. Another possible cause of non-woven material is the property of reducing the link nonwoven molding process, mainly hot and sticky wet forming two, the former to go through heat treatment and add some adhesive, heat if it is the use of artificial synthetic fibers nonwoven fabric, contained harmful ingredients on the addition of some. Wet molding is a physical method of fiber arrangement technique, if natural fibers by wet molding titles nonwoven fabric is guaranteed one hundred percent environmentally friendly.

While this non-woven material may sound very environmentally friendly, but in fact not every non-woven products are very environmentally friendly. Around us The most common non-woven material article is a ring shopping bags.
With the concept of consumer recognition, more and more businesses nonwoven fabric as a gimmick to promote its product. When consumers buy products must pay attention to the problems mentioned above, to identify whether the environmental non-woven main combustion method can be used, environmentally friendly non-woven flammable, bright flame, a small amount of black smoke within natural fibers fine particles of carbon; rayon nonwoven fabric lighter in color when the flame in the combustion process will be continued in the gray smoke and pungent odor.

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