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Mica Wallpaper
Mica is a silicate crystals and therefore these products elegant glossy.
It has good electrical insulation properties, high safety factor, both beautiful and practical, very fond of families with children.
Recommended places: public places, sofa background living room TV background

Wood fiber wallpaper
Wood fiber wallpaper environmental protection, the best permeability is, the longest service life. Surface of flexible, noise insulation, insulation, soft and comfortable. Non-toxic, harmless, no smell, good ventilation, and papier-mache stable, ready to scrub.
Recommended places: master bedroom, etc.
1. smell the smell: open wallpaper samples, especially the new sample, leaned smell it, wood fiber wallpaper shed a touch of wood flavor, almost smell the smell, if the smell is not wood fiber.
2. Fire: This is the most effective way. As the saying goes, “True gold fears fire,” there is no smoke when burning wood fiber wallpaper, just as wood burning, after burning the remaining dust is white; if black smoke, the smell, there may be PVC material wallpaper.
3. do dripping test: This method can detect its permeability. Wallpaper in the back drop of a few drops of water to see if there is water vapor through the paper, if you do not see, then this wallpaper does not have air permeability, wood fiber wallpaper is not.
4. Soak: put a small portion of the water soak into the wallpaper, then fingers scraping wallpaper surface and the back to see if discoloration or bubble rotten. The real wood fiber wallpaper particularly strong, and because dye flowers and linen were extracted from natural ingredients, not because of blisters and discoloration.
Wallpapers amount (volume) is equal to the perimeter of the room multiplied by the height of the room multiplied (100 plus K) / square meter per roll number, K is the rate of loss of wallpaper, generally 3 to 10. General criteria wallpaper can shop 5.2㎡ per roll.

Pure paper wallpaper
Paper as a substrate, after embossing printing from, natural, comfortable, no smell, environmental protection and good, strong breathable performance. Because it is paper, so there is a very good color effect, even for dyed a variety of bright colors Painting. Bad paper products over time may slightly yellowed.
Recommended places: children’s room, etc.

Paper-based wood fiber wallpaper
Non-woven wallpaper
Pure non-woven fabric as the substrate, the rear surface coated with water-based ink printing special materials, special processing, with sound-absorbing, deformation, etc., and there is a strong respiratory function.
Second only to the second largest plastic surface wallpaper wallpaper sales. Wallpaper is also among the most environmentally friendly kind. The material is natural cotton fiber through nonwoven forming. Sales of the largest in Europe, the domestic market, Zhejiang market and has sold non-woven plastic surface wallpaper comparable, non-woven and future will be the mainstream. Another point is that knowledge about the Nonwoven: Depending on the amount of fiber contained is divided into two kinds of material. A fiber content of less than 16 percent, referred to as non-woven paper; greater than 16 percent, referred to the nonwoven fabric. Tend to be higher the cloth, such as non-woven shopping bags. [1]
Because of its very thin, the construction is very easy, very suitable for young people like DIY.
Recommended groups: young people

Non-woven wallpaper
Resin Wallpaper
Surface layer of glue to form, also known as polymer materials. 80% of the world on the fall into this category, wallpaper is a major classification. Such wallpaper waterproof performance is very good, the water will not penetrate into the wall to the inside, it is isolated and waterproof.
Recommended places: public location, toilets, etc.

Wall covering wallpaper
Wider concept, the main characteristics of the surface layer is relatively thick. Its people feel strong and durable. It should not be used in the bedroom and other resting places, so as not to suppress people nervous.
Recommended field-he: public places, hotels, etc.

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