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Foam wallpaper
Paper as the substrate, coated with PVC paste resin mixed with a foaming agent, foaming by heating after printing. Such wallpaper high foam printing, low foaming and foam printing embossed printing and other varieties.
Such wallpaper appear thicker than regular wallpaper, soft. Wherein the high elastic foam wallpaper surface was uneven; low foaming wallpaper is printed on the flat foam patterns, shaped like a relief, wood, tile and other effects.
Recommended occasion: the higher spending power, tasteful and other persons

Fabric wallpaper
Silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other natural fiber as raw material, through a non-woven molding, resin, printed color pattern made of. Its physical properties very stable, after the wet water color will not change much, with crisp, flexible, easy to break, fiber aging, colorful, easy to paste, and a certain air permeability and moisture resistance, wear-resistant, easy to fade, etc. advantage. So these products on the market is also very popular, but non-woven compared to the higher prices. But the wallpaper surface is easy to dust, and difficult to scrub.
Recommended groups: higher spending power, who like the natural flavor

Diatomaceous earth wallpaper
Diatomaceous earth as raw material, the surface has numerous fine pores can absorb decomposition odor in the air, with the humidity, deodorant, insulation, prevent bacterial growth and other functions. Which helps purify the indoor air, to improve the home environment, the effect of physical conditioning.
Recommended places: bedroom, study, living room, office, wardrobe, etc.

Natural Materials
Processing of natural vegetation made of natural simplicity, with warm ventilation, moisture absorbing function, brings back to nature experience. Shortage is due to the natural material, the pavement seams obviously not fine flat.
Recommended groups: those who like the natural simplicity

Wallpaper and paper
And the paper is called “paper of the King”, and a bit like a Chinese rice paper, very durable, for thousands of color and physical shape is not change. Which gives a delightful feeling, both waterproof and fire performance, but the most expensive.
Recommended groups: higher spending power who are tasteful

Gold and silver foil wallpaper
Mainly pure gold, silver, and other senior silk fabric surface, exquisite craftsmanship, gilding sophisticated technology, high-value, waterproof and fireproof, easy to maintain. Because it is possible to use high purity copper, gold and silver instead of aluminum, so the lower prices of the product is likely to be oxidized to produce color.
Recommended groups: those strong spending power

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