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Although the majority of consumers to choose the decoration paint, but seamless wall covering is gradually being accepted. Seamless wall covering and unique style, making the home atmosphere is more flexible and is commendable. Both fitting way different, consumers how to choose? Here we can compare these two ways, in full knowledge of their own characteristics, based on the consumers according to their own preferences to choose.

How to choose a problem

Seamless wall covering, paint in the end choose which one do that? Readers Wang encountered such a problem. Recently, Mr. Wang said, hence the saying “choice” made him a dilemma. He was ready to own a second house decoration, wall because of leakage, damp and kids graffiti and other reasons, has suffered extensive damage, refurbished imperative. His original plaster ready to eradicate all again after Phi putty paint and then paint roller.
But his new home after visiting a friend’s wanted to change his mind. Friend uses a seamless wall covering, its unique cozy style impressive, especially in the bedroom pale pink revealed a unique sense of comfort, he felt that this is the most want the decor.

However, after the exchange with the designer he hesitated, because the cost is much higher seamless wall covering. Designer told him that the current general mid-range level of renovation, if seamless wall covering, then a cost of 180 yuan per square meter, and if the paint, then just 40 yuan per square meter.

If only costs to consider, select the seamless wall covering that there are some uneconomical. But insiders told reporters, in fact, two different ways of fitting different characteristics, consumers may wish to fully understand the characteristics of the two on the basis of further selection

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