Characteristics and differences of non-woven wallpaper

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Non-woven wallpaper wallpaper in three categories in the best permeability, environmental protection is also quite good, the material itself is no pollution.

In this type of wallpaper paste glue dry time is the fastest, so it will not get wet in the walls. Another advantage is to facilitate the construction, as the owners realize this may not obvious.

After all, construction workers are doing, but we still have to mention that this type of wallpaper due to the material properties, the construction worker as long as the blade shaving once, while the other two kinds of materials may have to scrape the wallpaper 2-3 times.

Summed up the advantages of nonwoven wallpaper: zero formaldehyde, scalability, small contraction.

The only drawback can be counted on is the “high price” roll price: between 700 yuan -900 yuan between domestic imports of 400-600.

★ unique porous structure, breathable henselae
★ formaldehyde-free.
★ waterproof.
★ adjust the air humidity.
★ noise reduction.
Non-woven details of the plan
Non-woven details of the plan
★ feel natural affinity.
★ fragrance.
★ nonwoven fiber yarn woven pull stronger.
★ Quintana Nonwoven produce only carbon dioxide and water when complete combustion.


Non-woven wallpaper is made from natural plant fibers refined, and pure paper wallpaper is processed with high-quality natural wood pulp. So in fact they are completely different materials, but because of natural plant fibers and wood pulp are environmentally friendly natural materials, so they have some of the same characteristics, consumers are easily confused.


In fact, non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper in the price there is a certain gap. Because the non-woven fiber wallpaper plant extracts more difficult, so the price of non-woven wallpaper is also relatively high, while pure paper wallpaper is relatively cheap.


In terms of feel, in fact, they are very different. Although it seems they will not have any difference in texture, but in fact pure paper wallpaper feel more softer, because the pure paper wallpaper is the use of wood pulp.

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