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Calculation usage

1, the general estimate is that the use of 2.5 to 3.5 times the area calculated according to your room floor.
2, you can ask someone for your field measurements.
1. Just wall covering pavement after room should close doors and windows, dry processing. Because just Puwan wall covering room ventilation can cause immediate and wall coverings from the dark side of Alice.
2. After 3 days until the end of the wall covering pavement should be damp towel and gently wipe the wall covering wall covering seams residual glue.
3. Comparison of wall covering scrub, but impatience bump blunt object, if found damaged at the surface of the small, usable approximate color paint pigment or remedy.
4. Non-convex wall coverings, normally just use chicken feathers to clean list.
Usually the best bedroom colors warmer, softer, in order to facilitate rest. If heavy furniture color, the color of the walls to be very light; if pale furniture, wall furniture suitable for use with color similar to the color contrast to set off. Wedding bedroom color can be a little happy, a little soft, a little warm, the best color curtains and wall covering color close to some, we must avoid cold tones.

Tips for
1, ceiling paper can be reused when you paste the first room at the top for several years (typically 3–5 years is appropriate) again can be very time-saving can be considered to replace one, then only need to buy a bucket of paint brush , the costs are less, the effect with the new no two samples. That is, the wall covering surface can be reused, so that you become very environmentalists.
2, furniture, doors, cabinets, tables, can be pasted with wall covering. So your wall covering in use can reduce waste. Extra sheet of paper pasted wall can take advantage of the time.
3, in the purchase of wall covering, if it is to estimate the area, try not to buy, use, if not you can buy, if more bad passed on. Because of different wall covering materials in general, it exists a batch problem.
4, specially ordered wall covering and damaged packaging can not be returned.
5, not the wall covering construction units sold to customers you try to hire a professional chef tunnel construction, as a result of losses caused by construction, wall covering manufacturers generally excluded.
6, wall covering surface stains, wall covering the entire volume has decapitation, printing is not complete and so is substandard goods, if found, immediately shut down, requiring returned.

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