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In summer, the advent of home improvement season, the market and the emergence of a number of claims that can be “In addition to formaldehyde” home improvement building materials. Some will bring the original decorative materials decoration pollution seems transformed into a “formaldehyde nemesis.” Wallpaper is one of a kind, but you know what? Wallpaper brings formaldehyde contamination, and do not be fooled by its beauty. In comparison, natural diatom mud would not be so tangled.
Formaldehyde “latent” Great harm wallpaper

Formaldehyde! The world recognized the first indoor sources, it is a colorless, strong odor of gas stimulation type. Chemical Formula: HCHO. Soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Formaldehyde is a gas at room temperature, usually in the form of an aqueous solution. Soluble in water and ethanol. Wallpaper decoration, because Formaldehyde is an important organic raw materials, mainly used for a synthetic adhesive, and it will be applied to the wallpaper glue. And because it is a toxic chemical substances on the human body great harm, not easy to find, but also to formaldehyde in the indoor “rampant”, always respiratory health hazards. In this regard, there is room in natural diatom mud will purify air, eliminate formaldehyde, and the health benefits of sustained release of negative oxygen ions, so that people living in the moment and enjoy the fresh sea.
Hazards of formaldehyde in the end how much? Read on “seconds to understand”

Formaldehyde is more toxic substances on human health mainly in abnormal sense of smell, irritation, allergy, pulmonary function abnormalities, liver dysfunction and immune dysfunction and so on. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory disease, caused by nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, brain tumor, menstrual disorders, ren pregnant syndrome, cause neonatal chromosomal abnormalities, leukemia, causing adolescent memory and mental decline. In all contacts, children and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde more harmful. Wallpaper industry, someone once said: “the formaldehyde content, the lower the cost of production.”.
Wallpaper environmental protection? Quickly ordered a halt to the component is not assured

Traditional concept, wallpaper is the most environmentally friendly, really? That is not the case. From wallpaper ingredients opinion, wallpaper itself contains many harmful substances: formaldehyde from the wallpaper base paper, wallpaper in the production process, the raw materials and the process of reducing the aldehyde hydroformylation process of residual free formaldehyde. Heavy metals (including lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, etc.): in the pigment ink. The nervous system, cardiovascular and genetic harmful, especially the greatest impact on children. PVC: a large number of chemical raw materials is a synthetic material, collation, persistent organic pollutants. In contrast diatom mud, green natural, did not add any organic additives, both functional, and environmentally friendly fashion, and more importantly, it brings health.
Wallpaper glue environmental protection, which can not be trusted!

As the saying goes: “it is not a non-formaldehyde glue” So every gum will contain formaldehyde. When home improvement wallpaper, a large part of the release of formaldehyde from the wallpaper glue. While many merchants selling rice to sell wallpaper glue, starch glue or resin glue when that is environmentally friendly and caking well. But these are not real. Imagine, if pure plant, a long time will typically moldy, long-haired, breed bacteria. The truth is, these adhesive junction of the weak, will not adhere PVC, wallpaper does not stick, and some will even cracking year. In order to maintain long-term nature, businesses still use a colloid containing formaldehyde and other chemical ingredients. Oral and businesses say is glutinous rice glue, starch glue and other “self-contradictory.”

In fact, the reason for doing diatom mud as well. Therefore, I want to really green and healthy, it must be “without glue.” As diatom mud invention business, Stephen Caramel has a number of national patents, and the most special is the original spring Caramel “no glue on the wall” core technology. Because only really “no plastic”, it can be done diatom mud functionality, we will have a healthy! On the contrary, it will be harmful and can not talk about environmental protection.
Speaking of which, in fact, can say a lot of wallpaper question: is not durable, will fade when exposed to light, it will open the plastic, airtight, easy to moldy walls. Compared to the pure natural diatom mud would not have. As the only true diatom mud, Caramel spring diatom mud has a non-gel unparalleled technology without glue on the wall, “molecular sieves” its unique structure, can really play the elimination of formaldehyde, humidity control, sterilization, deodorant deodorant, fire retardant, noise insulation, the walls of self-cleaning and release of negative oxygen ions eight major functions. In other words, from the beautiful, colorful wallpaper, diatom mud fashion fresh; functionally, wallpaper and non-functional potential “hidden” diatom mud was able to purify the air, the guardian of health.

I believe here, if more choice for home wall material, a lot of people will have a clear and rational choice!

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