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Pure color: when we choose wall paint, wall paint in color, it is inevitable there will be a slight color, brush on the wall color is often not entirely consistent with his original vision. The wallpaper color is always pure, because the wallpaper will not change color occurs from buy to stick to the wall, do not worry about color.
Health and Environmental Protection: paint mainly composed of water, binder (latex), pigments, additives four parts. Many ingredients after long-term exposure to air will produce harmful chemicals, and paint will release formaldehyde gas. The wallpaper is generally composed of three parts, the base paper and the ink is one of the two parts, the other part of the wallpaper depending on material classification. From the composition point of view, wallpaper degree of harm to the human body is much lower than latex paint. (Wallpaper presence of harmful substances into three categories, namely, formaldehyde, heavy metals, vinyl chloride monomer, still a potential health hazard.)
Long life: the use of advanced production technology wallpaper better their material life will be longer.
Construction speed, clean: Paint walls will leave some hard dirty and difficult to remove, but wallpaper paste, if you accidentally spill glue to baseboards or window border, usually we use a damp cloth or sponge on It can be quickly cleaned.
Rich style: buy your favorite wallpaper to create any desired effect.
Great space for the price: the price to meet the needs of different levels.


High cost: the cost is relatively more expensive than latex.
Easy delamination: airtight material readily Alice wallpaper, wall moisture large, long time prone to delamination.
Do not scrub: Some wallpaper color fastness is poor, do not scrub.
Fade: low wallpaper printing process a long time there will fade phenomenon, especially where the sun often shine.
The presence of seams: deep color solid color wallpaper easily noticeable seams. The shrinkage can not take control of the pulp side need to paste wallpaper, take the side bar will show a vertical bar, the overall sense of visual impact. (Only composite paper wallpaper, English Duplex wallpaper)
Replace the trouble: a small part of the wallpaper and then replace the need to tear the wall and re-processing, more trouble.
Construction standards and quality is not easy to control.

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